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Hair Analysis test

I've been advised to pay privately to get my hair analysed to see if they can find anything as all my blood tests keep coming back normal considering I have every symptom for thyroid disease, can anybody tell me if having this test will help find anything I know it doesn't tell you if you have an illness but I know it measures minerals and toxins has anybody had this done before?

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You would be best to try and get an intensive blood test done. Sometimes things can be missed on the bog standard NHS one, especially if you have a conversion from T4 to T3 problem. Some GPS only test for TSH too and this sometimes only becomes elevated once the other hormones are very low. People have recommended blue horizon to me and I am going to go for this. I have low T4 and T3 but it's taken years to show up on the NHS tests. My hair comes out, I get swollen, dry skin, can't lose weight, tired, the lot. You know your own body. Somebody else said they got the thyroid 10 and this was good via blue horizon, think it costs 99 pounds and you get a report if anything abnormal shows up. Then if anything shows up you can take it to the GP. My first test was in 2008 and that came back satisfactory. Its now 2016 and only just found out I am hypothyroid. Keep going and trust your instincts. Hope you get it sorted.



If you post your thyroid results and ranges members will advise whether your thyroid levels are normal.

There are posts on hair and mineral analysis in this link healthunlocked.com/search/h...

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Hi Abby,

Have you tried doing the Barnes basal body temperature test?

It'll just cost you the price of a good thermometer, & some patience to take your temperature every morning for a few months.



I do take my temp every morning and a few times in the day and its always below 37 degrees sometimes it can go down to 33 degrees when im feeling awful but my gp didn't want to take it any further I will look into that thank you x


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