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Increased oxidative stress accompanies Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Interesting take on supplementation of antioxidants and Hashi's

“Oxidants are increased and antioxidants decreased in euthyroid [Hashimoto’s thyroiditis],” the researchers wrote. “As a result, the oxidative/antioxidative balance is shifted toward the oxidative side. Moreover, this study reports for the first time on increased serum levels of [advanced glycation end products] in [Hashimoto’s thyroiditis], thus contributing to a better definition of the redox homoeostasis dysregulation in this autoimmune disorder. [Advanced glycation end product] levels could be used as new reliable biomarkers of oxidative stress in [Hashimoto’s thyroiditis]. Finally, the present data suggest that antioxidant supplementation may be helpful in providing protection from [Hashimoto’s thyroiditis].” – by Amber Cox

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Thanks for posting, Shambles.


Thanks for the post Shambles - it sounds really interesting - I believe I may well have Hashimoto's and am awaiting my appointment with the Endo in August. Would you be able to post a simplified version of the above? I am not familiar with terms such as 'redox homoeostasis dysregulation' and guess that with the lack of replies you have had many others have struggled with this also. I would like to be able to understand.


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