Ali Can SurPrize Draw Prize - #2

Ali Can SurPrize Draw Prize - #2

Hi All

You may remember that our very own Shaws was the winner of the second Ali Can SurPrize draw! :)

She popped over to John Lewis (via and picked out a couple of things! :D

A sink caddy and a wash and drain washing-up bowl.

Enter NOW for your chance to win ANYTHING you want! :D (Up to the value of £40).

The next draw is 3 June!

Full details of the Ali Can Comp can be found here:



5 Replies

  • To say I was very surprised was an understatement. The wash and drain bowl sounds good as you can turn the the dial in the middle of the bottom and water will run out, without having to lift a basin full of water.

    Thanks to Alan's dedication doing his utmost to raise much needed funds for Thyroiduk

  • Shaws, first time I've heard of such a bowl. What a good idea :)

  • well done to you 'shaws' . hope you enjoy your SURprize and find then useful and enjoy them . and look forward to the next 3 SURprizes -- your other guesses are still eligible [ so you have every chance of some more smiles ] as well as the final count , so some luvely jubbly possible for someone that enters [ I believe 93 guesses so far -- so possibly £186 prize-money ] so far ...... i'm hoping to get to the magic 100th to round it up ..... alan xxx

  • Some members who've found the forum helpful might like to guess as it's to help without whom I for one would have got nowhere. Maybe also becoming a member which at £20 a year is great value for quarterly Harmony booklet with up-to-date info too.

  • exactly my point , apart from its a little more than a 'donation' --- every guesstimate has a chance of winning something .........and like yourself without tuk [ and the many people here ] I dread to think where my lady would be now --which would vastly affect myself ,our son as well as OUR daily lives -- she is now so far outside that tunnel she could well have a suntan ..... that is only due to the info and advice from tuk ......and I will continue to help in whatever way I can for others to get where we are AND BE PROUD OF IT ...... where good karma is received send some back and vice versa , and you will receive more back ......onwards and upwards methinks .....alan xxx

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