4 dogs got canine babesia in ESSEX from deadly tick from europe

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  • Apparently this problem has arisen since the EU forced the UK and the Republic of Ireland to stop insisting that all pets brought over here from Europe should have thorough examinations for ticks before they left their country of origin.



  • E,U. meddling again ( I am Not being political!

  • Yeah how crazy was that decision.i travel with my 2 dogs a great deal and was astounded that the flea and tick treatment is now not required before entering the uk. It's nuts! For the last couple of years it's not been required,just a worming tablet needed.

    I always keep my dogs on tick and flea product year round in uk as well it's quite a costly thing but essential I think for dog and human health. Just have to hope most people bringing dogs in do also use the products even though now not a legal requirement.

  • Too many dogs here ,never mind bringing strays from abroad.

  • I've been shocked recently at the number of people who have adopted dogs from European countries, while out with my dog. Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria & Malta seem to be the most common.

    What's wrong with adopting from one of the many overcrowded UK ones?!

  • The UK rescue centre we got our latest dog from is now rescuing and rehoming stray dogs from various countries, not something I agree with as we have enough homeless animals already.

    Two of our dogs were rescued from Ireland but I wouldn't take one from further afield.

  • Moronic behaviour ,but then most dog owners see their pets through rose tinted glasses.

  • A few weeks ago two dogs died from that here in Sussex.

    I only have two cats but if I did have a dog I'd be extremely worried. I read in the news about those two dogs, how quickly they turned from being healthy with apparently nothing wrong, to not being alive at all, it's such a distressingly fast demise.

    Simply shocking!

  • Odd ,received an email reply which appears to question Beans assertion that the ticks are from Europe but its not shown here.

  • it says mainland Europe in the link in my top post.

  • I was referring to a post that arrived in my email box but is not showing in the string here. Wondering how that can happen.

  • have you given your email addy out?

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