I lost 5.5 lbs more (over 11 I lost last month) since I started with T3! Is it possible that I was hypothyroid since my childhood?

Hi everyone. I can't believe what is happening to me - I lost 5.5 pounds more in last two weeks and since I started T3 I already lost 11 lbs in a month before that! I am so excited, I was absolutely never able to lose weight in my life! So one question came to my mind - can someone be born hypothyroid or be that since childhood? I mean I know that it is possible but is it possible that it is not showing in the results at first and that it is getting worse as you get older? Just a thought. Thanks.

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  • I don't know the answer to your question but I pray that the same thing happens to me. Finally to lose weight - it would be wonderful.

  • Annamaria I truly hope this will happen to you too x

  • Yes, I think it is perfectly possible to have been hypothyroid since birth or childhood without doctors being aware of it.

    There are lots of ways that people can have thyroid problems that the TSH test would either never pick up or the cause of the problem would not be found. See this post from another forum - it's a real eye-opener - but please don't ask me to explain it!


    Bear in mind that the numbers in bold are to references that weren't copied into the post so you'll just have to ignore those. And also the numbers quoted for TSH and Free T4 etc are based on US units and reference ranges, so it isn't possible to compare directly with UK values.

  • Thank you so much for this link. It is fascinating! I never imagined that so many things can cause that we are hypothyroid, maybe our whole lives, but that it doesn't always have to show in results. I really believe that I am hypothyroid since I was a child, since I always felt sluggish, tired, I was always overweight and although I ate same things as other members of my family, my friends and so on, they were normal and I was fat. I was never a kind of person that secretly ate around when nobody can see me, I tried all sorts of diets, I was literally sometimes starving myself on 500-700 calorie diets, I cut on carbs, I cut on fats... I tried everything. Sometimes I manged to lose 6 or 7 pounds tops but always regained all that as soon as I stopped with starving. And thyroxine made me even more fat, I don't know why. So this thing that is happening to me since I decided to self-medicate with T3 is a miracle. It brought so much happiness I never felt in my life before.

  • I had a similar experience - always sluggish, and tired, and I was always "sturdy" as a child. And from the time I started approaching puberty I became depressed, slow moving, extremely breathless on exertion, sweaty, insomniac, anxious, and instead of being "sturdy" I became fat.

    What upsets me looking back is that so many people decided I was fat, lazy, greedy, stupid, worthless, and contemptible. The judgements that were made were extremely hurtful and I've only found it possible to start putting these bad memories behind me since I started improving my nutrient levels and treating my thyroid - which I find incredibly ironic under the circumstances.

  • Oh, Humanbean I have so many hurtful memories too. Whole my life was full of them. People simply decided to think that I am fat because I probably can't stop eating and as you said, because I am "lazy" to exercise and so on. Nobody ever believed me that those things are simply not true and that there something really wrong with me.

  • In your link it shows there are 22 patterns of low thyroid function hb.

    It made me smile because 2 medics at different times have recently told me exactly the same phrase (when arguing with me) -

    'No it doesn't, one goes up as the other goes down' ???

    I ought to print off your link and show them they only have another 21 more patterns to learn. ;)

  • Yes, isn't this link Humanbean put great! I think all doctors should be forced to read it :)

  • Too right, food_ie ;) :)

  • I had underactive thyroid before I started school, I can remember going to hospital regularly & standing with a red cape on & being weighed. At that time It was jars of malt that my Mother was given for me to take & have a vague memory of it getting locked in bathroom cupboard when it was discovered I loved it & kept wanting more. I was with the same GP till my mid 20's & never had any blood tests till I moved & joined a new GP. I expect I must have had blood test prior to have been diagnosed & attending hospital but know I definitely never had any throughout my teens & early 20s. It must have corrected itself because I never had any thyroid symptoms until many years later I was diagnosed overactive. I suppose I must have been born underactive as later my mother was diagnosed underactive & now my sister is too.

  • Yes, this is very interesting. Is it possible that at one time of life it can get better and after that as we are getting older it becomes worse again?

  • Hi,

    I've had hypo symptoms since 1979.


  • Lots of years! Same in my case :)

  • I think I am hypothyroid my whole life. I was always chubby, fat, at one point even obese. Others made fun of me, calling me piggy or fatty (as I called myself here :) ). They always thought that I am eating all the time, that I only sit on couch eating chips or something and that I don't move. Nobody believed me that I really don't eat that much and that when I am not active maybe it was because I wasn't feeling well. I was bullied a lot, that left lots of bad memories. I was left undiagnosed for years, even when I was I was put of 50 mcg of levothyroxine! By that time I was in bed all the time so there is no need to say that T3 I decided to take on my own saved my life. But it also helped me to lose so much weight that I am now of the normal size now. But as i once already said, I like to call myself fatty to remind myself of the times when I looked like that not because I was overeating but because I was sick.

  • Fatty I was bullied too and not only in school as people would usually think, but at my work and other places as well. It is so hard when the main thing you would like to do is carry a large sign around you neck saying with large letters that everybody can see: "I didn't make myself like this, my illness did"

  • Yeah, I was thinking of wearing a similar message.

  • I am so pleased to hear that you are so much better food_ie. It's always so wonderful to hear success stories. About your question, yes I think that it is possible that you were hypothyroid since your childhood.

  • Thank you SallyQ

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