rogaine for hair loss and genes /prp stem cells for hair regrowth watch the video

so I decided to buy it today, after months of deliberation--- as I am sick of not having enough hair- gave my card over £50 for 4 months supply- ok I thought bloody expensive but hey my hair wil get thicker- as they were talking, she gave me my goods and added anyone over 65 can't have it. I said - why, ---because its age related, I said oh well

icant have it- she said well i didnt ask you as I didn't think you were even 65- a compliment but I had an instant refund and back to square one! we are just not allowed to have hair not no way, ok if you are under 65 but not over! very very disappointed again!

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  • Disappointing, Pettals, but if the product doesn't work for >65s there's no point in wasting £50.

  • its because the testing doesn't cover th e age group

  • What kind of thyroid meds are you on? Do you have Hashi's or autoimmune disease Alopecia? I certainly would rather treat the source than add one more drug you will take the rest of your life, that may not even help..ya know?

  • at my age I don thave enough time which is why I decided to go for rogaine I am so sick of such thin hair- I think its the genes after a 23 and me gene test, I don't absorb vit d I have a genemutation on vdr taq whichis linked dto hairloss from what I can make out so , I do have hashi and endo can do no more so it was going to be the rogaine of spending fortunes on supplements.

  • if you have autoimmune disease, you are ill anyway and the hair loss could be connected to was for me. I am still unwell, but i got my hair back. I am working on getting rid of hashimotos and improving my health, by healing my immune system and leaky gut. Food sensitivities and inflammation cause hair loss, bad guts cause absorption problems.

  • I have a lot of gene mutations too

  • you can overcome autoimmune disease and heal much of what we have going on.

  • Biotin is in most hair regrowth products with reason. You can buy it in Holland and Barrett. Also Lee Stafford in Boots do a range called for hair that wont get past a certain length. This range also contains a good amount of biotin and worked for me when a kind hairdreser hacked all my hair off! I'm sure you know to get adequate protein especially eggs, nuts etc and calcium

  • thanks jody, its not the length I am bothered about but th e thickness and disappearing follicles-- I have biotin here thnakyou an di am now back on the visiscal from my health shop cupboard.!

  • Hi, I'm 64 and have been using Equate, it's the same as The stuff you were going to purchase. I was getting it from America at £19 for 3 months, but recent laws about not sending liquids via planes has scuppered that. However Iv found a source in the uk for approx the same cost. My medication is gradually changing for the better but will continue to buy and use regardless of age until I no longer need it. Equate has given me self confidence when all around haven't.


  • thatis inspiring have p.m'd you

  • linda96 - the ingredient in this is minoxidil which is used in Regaine etc so curious as to how Equate is better. Have you used any other hair loss products to compare it with?

    Sorry for asking, this topic affects so many of us and is quite distressing.

    EDIT: just checked and Equate is not as strong as others.

  • Hi, when I started to have v thin hair on top it was distressing. I did buy Rogaine first but as it was expensive I looked at main ingredient and googled it. This was 7-10 years ago. Equate came up as a cheap alternative. Iv been fine with it through stressed of divorce remarriage, death of second spouse moving house illness etc. There is a 2% version for women and 5% version for men.

    I did mention it in one of my previous posts a cpl months ago. Iv now found uk source at £24(?cant remember will find invoice) per 3 months. = £2 a week. Jus recently Iv had a lot of vit d and that's helped too. My hair looks better now but I'm not stopping using it. Don't get me wrong, I haven't got the thick mane I once had but I'm okay with what Iv got now. When I curl my hair you wouldn't look twice. That's good enuf for me. Hope this helps.


  • linda I have a gene mutation and cant absorb vit d and I found out that the vit d absorb links to hairloss so anyone who can absorb then take the vit d!

  • linda96 - thanks for replying and, yes, stress does take its toll on hair. Pleased that you've found something that works and may well give this a try once my Nioxin shampoo and conditioner has been emptied.

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