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C reactive protein was 6 and now it's 0. Ana test 0. No Cancer! No autoimmune disease! Can I now start taking iodine instead of t4/t3?

Currently on 40 mg liothyronine and levothyroxine 50mg. I really want to try iodine now! I wonder if it's alright to take iodine now? Which iodine brand do you recommend? I prefer the sublingual lozenge or spray types but if you know any good quality ones then do tell me! Do let me know any ones that are good! Also with my results. My tsh is now at 8 normal range 0.2 to 5. I did have my medication reduced from 90mg to 40mg of t3 then added 25mg of t4 to balance out raised tsh! It went down to 3 from 9 and now back up to 8. So increased my t4 to 50 mg.

I am still getting brain fog and fatigue. So I have tried pig and tried the synthetics. Now looking to try iodine

So with my ana test and c reactive protein can I now take iodine?

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My simple advice is, don't! If you have to be on T4 or T4 + T3, iodine won't help and it may give you very unpleasant hyper surges. And iodine won't substitute for T4 and T3 if your thyroid can't make the hormones in sufficient amount. Only unless you are iodine deficient in your diet would this even be considered and then probably ruled against because of the dangers of over-reaction.


There is no way that a reduction of 50mcg in your dose of T3 can be "balanced" by taking 25mcg levo instead.

50mcg T3 would need to be replaced by about 150mcg - 200mcg levo.

With a TSH of 8 you are seriously under-medicated. Why do you want to stop taking thyroid meds and take iodine instead? It would be better to take more thyroid meds.

Who is determining your dose for you? I would describe your treatment as both weird and sadistic. You need a new doctor ASAP!

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I got a new doctor and it was my previous doctor who done this! My new doctor will check my results in 4 weeks time. My other doctor was at the Scottish thyroid petition. She is against pig thyroid. My aunt takes iodine and feels much better than taking levo. She goes by feeling good and often ignores the doctor and uses other alterative ways.you can have all the stuff there but you have to listen to what your body is telling you!


If your other doctor had anything to do with the Scottish Thyroid Petition, I'm guessing she was one of the doctors fighting against it if she doesn't like pig thyroid.

I don't know anything about iodine, so I won't make any comment on it. But whatever you do, good luck. :)

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How long has your aunt been taking iodine? It's quite normal to feel better on it at first, because it stimulates the thyroid. But it won't last.

Besides, when you take T4 or T3, you are taking iodine. Every T4 molecule is made up of 4 atoms of iodine. When one atom is removed to make T3, the iodine is recycled in your body.

Do you know why you are hypo? Iodine, as Diogenes says, will only help if you are iodine deficient. You should always get tested before taking any. If you have Hashi's, iodine can make it much worse. And, if you Don't have Hashi's, over-dosing on iodine can cause Hashi's!

Look at it this way. You have a factory. Half your factory burns down, for some reason. Production falls because you no-longer have a full working factory. So shovelling in more raw materials isn't going to increase production, is it? Iodine is just one of the raw materials that goes into making thyroid hormone, but you need a full working factory to be able to use it.


She has been taking it for two years now and feels fantastic! In her view she doesn't want to be controlled by some authority and person with her body and is on a vegetarian diet and she says can think better sleep better!  I got tested for hashimoto disease and came back negative! 

My mum's boyfriend fell ill whilst lecturing at uni and had been diagnosed  with hypothyroidism he was on levo and ended up taking iodine and felt amazing. So willing to try and see how it all goes! 


Well, I Don't see what being controlled by some authority has got to do with anything. It's just a matter of common sense, not control. But, I agree, it's your body. Do what you like with it. But why come asking questions if you just poh poh all the answers?

But, just remember, you are not your aunt, and you are not your mother's boyfriends. You are you, and you might not react the same way as them. You might not have the same needs or deficiencies. And iodine will never be a substitue for thyroid hormone is what you need is thyroid hormone replacement. Every case is individual.

But, whatever you do, just learn to read your body. It will tell you what it needs and what it doesn't if you learn to understand what it's saying. :)

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Seriously reconsider taking iodine unless you know you are deficient.

There is much for and against supplementing iodine on the internet, depending on what you read.

I was considering taking it because I have a long history of breast cysts, and iodine deficiency can be a factor in cysts and breast cancer. However, being a cautious person I prefer to know whether I need something before supplementing. So I did an iodine test to get a base line. My result came back nicely in the middle of the range, certainly not deficient by any means, so I decided I didn't need to add iodine by way of supplementation. I might add that my diet is not an iodine rich diet so my result was quite a surprise. Mine was a simple urine iodine test carried out by Genova.

There is an iodine loading test which supposedly tells you how much iodine is being excreted, if it is less than 90% you are considered iodine deficient and an amazing number of tests come back where the participant appear to be deficient, over 95%!

Here are a couple of articles worth reading about the iodine loading test



Be careful, make sure you need to supplement iodine before you go ahead. Testing and guidance from an experienced practitioner would be good.


I was on a high dose and experienced heart problems of t3 only and they cut my dose to 60mg. Then to 40mg then added Levo 25 then another 25mg so seeing what happens next! I will check my iodine levels.


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