Just ordered T3 Uni Pharma from Greece. I was on NHS T3 will I be able to take less now?

A while ago I managed to persuade my GP to prescribe me T3 with my Levo. So I was on 20mcg of Mercury pharma T3 and 100mcg of Levo. Unfortunately, I didn't feel anything except slight stomach discomfort so I I reconed that it must be weak and took double dose instead ,so 40mcg without my GP knowing about this. On this dose i was able to feel improvement but my stomach became even more upset. Anyway, last time I had the appointment I asked can I have a prescription for 40mcg from now on but instead I got a reply that I won't be probably getting any more prescriptions for T3 at all as it won't be covered any longer! So I decided to self medicate and I just ordered Uni Pharma T3 from the website few ladies here recommended. I am interested should I take less with it than with NHS T3, since heard that it is stronger and better? And as well it comes in 25mcg tablets instead of 20mcg I had now, so with how much should I start when it arrives? Thanks in advance for the answers and thanks to all who gave the link to this supplier. John

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  • I have taken both T3's. I now take Unipharma and 25mcg is fine. The dose you will take will be roughly the equivalent to what you were taking previously i.e. levo/t3.

    Reading the above I judge you were taking about 150mcg equivalent of levo./T3 So I would start at 25mcg (1 tablet) for a few days. Taking note of your temp pulse (preferably before you begin). It will take a while for levo to leave your system. 25mcg is around 75mcg to 100mcg of levo. After 2 weeks, if you still have symptoms I'd add 1/4 tablet and another 1/4 after 2 weeks. That might be sufficient for you being around (if 25mcg is equal to 100mcg levo) 150mcg equivalent.

    I wish you well on your new regime.

    "I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"

  • It's good to hear from someone who's been on same medications, just to know that I made a right choice. Thank you for the advice, I'll do it slowly as you suggested.

  • JohnPollock, assume the Uni-Pharma is equivalent to Mercury Pharma T3 and start at 37.5mcg (1.5 tablets) for few days. You can adjust dose as necessary.

  • Thank you. Yes, I can see that I will have to do some titrating until I adjust the dose, hopefully will get on the right one soon.

  • Please could you PM me as to how I can buy T3 from Greece. Thank you Ging

  • Just sent you information as private message.

  • Hi. I am also switching from NHS T3 to Uni Pharma. What is your dose now?

  • I am now on 37.5 mcg of Uni Pharma (instead of 40 mcg I was taking with NHS T3 before) since pills come in different doses - Uni Pharma in 25 mcg and Mercury, as you know, in 20 mcg. I'm on Uni Pharma for around 10 days now and although I am taking approximately the same dose, I think that I can feel the difference and that it is definitely better for me than Mercury .

  • Thank you for your reply. Glad to hear that you are doing well on it, hope I will too :)

  • Sorry to bother you again. Since I was on 10 mcg of NHS T3 should I take half of the pill of Uni Pharma, would this be closest to that dose?

  • 1/2 of Uni Pharma tablet is 12.5mcg so yes this would be close to 10mcg you were on NHS.

  • Thank you John. Just received my T3 order, I still have some NHS T3, when i finish it I'll start with Uni Pharma.

  • brainfog9,

    Suggest you start the non-NHS T3 now while you still have some NHS T3. That way, if you were to have problems with the non-NHS T3, you would have something to fall back on.

  • Thanks Helvella. Yes, maybe it's a good idea, so I'll start with Uni Pharma tomorrow then.

  • Are you still taking levothyroxine? If so do you need to reduce the dose of that when you increase the T3?

  • Yes, I still take 100 mcg of levothyroxine. Before I started with T3 I was on 200 mcg of levo, so then it was reduced to 100.

  • Hi john could you send me info to get uni pharma t3 from Greece please 

  • Hi, just sent you PM with the link.

  • Hi John, could you also send me the link for t3s from Greece please??? thank you.

  • Hi Rotski, just sent you message.

  • John can you please send me info where did you order Uni Pharma?

  • Sent you message buzz.

  • Thanks a lot John!

  • Please can you send me the pharmacy name too 

  • I just sent you message Carla.

  • Thank you 

  • Hi again John. I just got my Uni Pharma, in fact I started with it this morning. Just wanted to thank you.

  • Glad to hear it buzz.

  • Can you please send me PM where you ordered Uni Pharma. Thanks.

  • Sent you message.

  • Thank you so much John x

  • can you please send me info too

  • Hi Didi. Sent you message.

  • Thank you so much, it was very helpful :)

  • John, you must be getting so fed up with the same request, but could you please PM me the info too.

  • Sent you PM.

  • Hi John, if it's not too much trouble please could you send me the info too. Many thanks.

  • Hi , I just sent you PM.

  • Yes, I understand, it was hard for me too. Now I am used to get my own meds. I will send you link on PM. Good luck.

  • Hi John. Would you mind sending me info too.

  • Hi Andrea, no I don't mind. I just sent you link.

  • Thanks so much John, you are very kind.

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