Can someone recommend trusted website to order T3 please (without prescription)?

Hi. I am self-medicating with T3 for 8 years (I don't take T4 at all). When I started with it I was getting into the state of myxedema coma and was hospitalized for a few days but still not properly treated! T3 saved my life and I am normal and healthy person again. I was always getting it online but it seems that there are less and less of suppliers and also many don't have it or have shortages all the time. Can someone please send me a link to a trusted supplier who can provide T3 all the time. Thanks.

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  • Sent you link on PM where I am ordering T3. They always have it.

  • Please could you send me info to.x

  • PM sent.

  • Please could you pm me too? I think this is the only way I'm going to feel well

  • Sent you PM

  • Yes, just ordered from them, thank you x

  • Anyone of you guys can send me too?

  • Please could one of you super kind folks email the details too. Thanks in advance 😉

  • Me too please !

  • PM'd you.

  • Thanks to all who sent me messages.

  • Please send me link as well

  • PM'd you.

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