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Hyper in between 6-10PM everyday.


I had both adrenal,low ferritin & hypothyroid problems.started with nutri adrenal extra ,thyroid-s along with levo -50mcg,after six months tsh -0.03

Now on nutri adrenal extra-1,thyroid-s-1tab ,nutri thyroid-2 & levo-25mcg+multivitamin & Iron. I feel hyper only in evenings.Resting pulse in morning - 70 & temperature36.5 same day evening feel hyper Resting pulse -85 and temperature 37.waiting for new blood test.

Is this normal?.

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you sound like you have hashimoto's..autoimmune thyroid disease.

May I ask what kind of adrenal symptoms did you have?

Just something to consider - the nutri adrenal extra don't always agree with everyone. It took me ages to figure out that my hyper adrenaline type feelings I was experiencing was is fact that.

Just a thought - you may want to leave them put for a while as an experiment.

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