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Hi ,I have been reading all posts for a few weeks now but never commented.

I have taken 50 grams of thyroxine for 6 weeks cos tsh was very high. Sorry I haven't a clue what the figures were.Now on 75 grams for a further 6 weeks. Not due another blood test for another 6 weeks. I Have terrible anxiety that drives me mad. Does it ever get better . Dr prescribed Diazapam but only for 9 days which I think is pointless cos anxiety would return after that. I have been taking half a tablet here and there for 6 weeks but they only take the edge off the anxiety. Does anyone know of any over the counter things that work.

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Really sympathise with you. I suffered with anxiety pretty badly, but with the advice from great people on this forum, I found that you need to get your optimum dose of thyroid hormone right and also take the supplements that help your thyroid to work. I believe taking the B complex plus a high dose of B12 vit.taken sublingual helped but really it is all those things. Hope you soon feel better. I am sure others will come along and give you their experiences an d knowledge.😊


Thank you for your reply


Anxiety can be connected to an inadequate dose of thyroid medication. Of course you will need to see you test results - obtain copies and post here for people to comment. You will also need to know if you have anti-bodies - like TPO or Tg - to know if you have Hashimotos.

So ensure the following tests are done - TSH - FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO - Anti-Tg. Along with - B12 - Ferritijn - Folate - iron - VitD. Everything needs to be optimal for the treatment to work well - and more importantly for you to feel well.

The brain has more receptors for T3 - the Active thyroid hormone - than any other part of your body. So if you are low then it makes sense that there will not be enough T3 to go around all the cells. T3 was used in the past to treat low mood. If you only had the TSH tested - then that is only PART of the story.

Keep reading and learning as much as possible - it can be so confusing. Keep asking questions too - everyone so happy to help.

Try to remember to ask for copies of all blood tests with ranges - so you can monitor your own progress - and to help people answer your questions.

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This is what dr has requested on my next blood form after 3 months .

It's all double Dutch to me


Free T4(addsTSH) Thyroid FunctionTest(TSH and FreeT4)(=[T4]on thyroxine


It looks as if he is only testing the TSH and the FT4. In order to see the WHOLE picture you also need the anti-bodies and the FT3 testing as well as all other items I have listed above.

Is it possible for you to have your tests done privately ? Test kits can be sent to your home - as will the results.


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