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I have had underactive thyroids for the past 8 years. It took along time before they worked out what was wrong. I am now on 150mg of levthyroxine. I've not been too bad the last few years. The only time I have problems is when some doctors have tried to get my levels in the middle of the range. I then found a doctor whom explained to me that people naturally sit anywhere in that range. It was worked out that for me to feel well I needed to sit at the top of the range.

Now the issue is I feel very unwell again. 13 months ago I felt OK with a result of 1.89 now my result is 2.48. Which because my other doctor as left I am being told is in range and not a problem. Can anyone help me make sense of the two figures please

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Hi Donlbs

It is sounding like you may need an increase in my non medically trained opinion as your TSH has gone up which probably means your FT4 and FT3 are also struggling which will im sure be giving you symptoms. Have you any recent thyroid results with the reference ranges to include FT4 and maybe FT3 so that others on here can comment?


Donlbz, TSH rises in response to low FT4 and FT3 levels. If you felt better with lower TSH your GP should increase your dose. Most people are comfortable with TSH <1.0 and you'll still be in range with TSH as low as 0.35. Read Treatment Options in Email if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.


Thank you for your reply I will be taking the article with me


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