How Do I Find A Private Doctor in London?

How do I find a private doctor in London. UK? I am just about to change my GP. First I need to prove to her for the second time there is something wrong with me + its not all in my mind.

Years ago I told her there was something was wrong with my thyroid because it was underactive. She told me the tests showed there was no problem with my thyroid function + the problem was all in my mind. To cut a long story short. I had thyroid cancer + a goitre. I had a TT, a very bad reaction to Thyroxine + I'm now on Liothyronine only.

Now I'm having problems with the menopause + she's accusing me of it all being in my mind again. For nearly two years I have had a dreadful sour smell that gets stronger as the day goes on. I remember my aunts always smelt like this when I was a child. I know the smell is to do with the menopause + could be my female hormones dropping too low, which has unbalanced my ph. I've been trying a lot of stuff + getting a lot of advice from health shops + the internet. Nothing has worked. I started HRT three months ago + the smell is only slightly better. Ive also put on about 2 stone. I think I'm on the wrong HRT. I recently tried to have a telephone consultation with her + her response was the same - it's all in your mind. I'm at my wits end.

I need to see a Doctor privately who specialises / understands the menopause. I want to sort myself out + prove again to my GP this menopause problem is not in in my mind + get away from her + her surgery asap.

I hope this is ok to post here.

Please can people reply with private messages. Thank You.

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  • Lily905, You've obviously lost confidence in your GP. Is there another GP at the practice you can see for a second opinion? If not it may be worth changing GP practice.

    Try searching private GPs via Google or Yellow Pages.

  • Thank You for your reply. I'm hoping to move in a few months so I will be changing surgeries anyway. I don't want to go back into that surgery again. Thank you for the link + ideas

  • If you prefer a Private Doctor email who has a list of sympathetic ones.

  • Thank You for your reply + advice. I think a sympathetic private doctor is my way forward

  • If you decide on one put up a new post with the name only asking for a Private Message to be sent to you if a member has already consulted the person.

  • Thank You for your advice about how to get information from people who have already consulted people on the list

  • Try you can chose and book one of over 800 doctors in London. Really easy. You can find a top doctor who is available and near you.

  • Thank You for your reply. I didn't know about the site. It's perfect for me to find the doctor I need & get the help & advice I need. Thank You

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