Just started to self-medicate with T3. Will I be able to reverse my baldness with it?

Hi. I am 45 year old woman and I've been on T4 for 6 years. My condition was getting worse over time but I wasn't able to get any support from my doctor. It was hard to live like this anyway but when last year I started to lose my hair, that was the thing that made me so depressed that sometimes I was thinking of ending my life. I am bald now, I do have some hair left around but it is very hard to hide this any longer. And I am not a sort of person who likes to wear wigs or head scarfs, so instead I usually don't go out. You can imagine what kind of life is that. Recently I decided to try with T3 on my own, I got it from the source I got here and started taking it 2 days ago. I know that it is early to ask but what are your experiences, did anyone managed to reverse baldness caused by not being properly treated for hypothyroidism by taking T3? Thank you all for everything.

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  • Depends, i lost quite a bit of hair years ago but then it grew back when i got on a decent dose of T4. ( levothyroxine). Some people grow their hair back some don't.

    Do you have good ferritin levels? healthguidance.org/entry/42...

    What are your free t4 and free t3 levels looking like now, before you start on the t3?

    G x

  • My ferritin is normal. My doctor was always saying that all my thyroid results were good and that there is no need to change anything... I was not being able to get any support from him, for my baldness he said that this is not connected with thyroid in any way and referred me to dermatologist.

  • I was untreated for years, which completely destroyed my life and left permanent damage on my heart. I had large bald patches all over my head. I had some long hair left and I tried to put it over the bold parts and fix them with hair clips... I looked pathetic. For months I was leaving house exactly once a week to go to supermarket with my husband because I was not able of going anywhere alone, neither did I wanted to go anywhere. I know that all the time out I was only worried did the clip move and was somebody behind me able to see that I am bald. I know exactly how you feel. I desperately needed T3 and my hair started growing within 30 days after I started with it, at least this is when I noticed that I can't see bald patched any more. Within 3 months hair on these parts were long enough for me to cut the rest of the longer hair into some kind of short haircut. When I did this I remember it was July, in April next year a had a long hair coming down to half of my back. This is how fast my hair was growing on T3. You never know until you try. If T3 is what your body is missing it won't be long until you have your hair back. Wish you best x

  • Thank you. And thank you for telling me your story, it's so encouraging and gives me hope, something to live for x

  • that is a wonderful story. Do you have hashimotos? Do you feel well?

  • No I don't have hashimotos. I feel fine now, it basically feels like I was raised from the dead :)

  • i hope you don't look like it too.. although you would be very popular with the Walking Dead groupies!

    I look puffy with eyebags, yuck.

  • No, I don't look sick at all now, in fact when people see me they don't have a clue in what kind of state I was not so long ago.

  • There are two combined factors that may be the reason behind this 'baldness'.

    1/ you are possibly un-dermedicated. So, hypothyroidism with its co-factors

    deficiencies ie low ferritin, low b12, low D, low zinc. All cause hair loss. Also low t3 causes hairloss.


    2/ Your description of 'baldness' rather than hair thinning can also be attributed to one of the side effects of the thyroxine replacement/synthroid.

    In some individuals, it increases the level of a hormone called 5-alpha reductase which then combines with testosterone (women have this as well as men) to produce a derivative called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is responsible for male pattern baldness.

    Have you considered switching to NDT to eliminate synthetic t4? - It has all the thyroid hormones: T4, T3 and T2, T1





    I hope this helps!

  • Thank you. I don't have problem with any of those vitamins and minerals. But I never heard until now that synthroid can cause baldness, thank you for that. Than it's the right move that I stopped with it all together and I am taking only T3 in the passed few days. I didn't know anything about this thing with chemical T4 but I hated it anyway and wanted to change my therapy completely. Maybe I am on the right track.

  • You are very welcome, Cinnamonbun.

    Watch your ferritin/iron when you are on t3. The levels should be optimal for maximum benefits (70-90) as t3 needs iron to hold onto as it circulates in the blood stream. Then the ball will start rolling, hopefully you'll begin to feel better, and the hair follicles are revived and ready to start growing again.

    Some of the iron is stored in hair and when ferritin drops, iron is released from hair in favour of more vital organs and mechanisms.

    You also need to consider adding pumpkin seeds and its oil into your diet for their amino acid cucurbitin helps block the circulating DHT from attaching to hair follicles.

    You are on the right track! a little bit of patience is needed however, and the monitoring of t3 in your blood so you'd regulate the dose.

    Good Luck!

  • Thank you so much Malanie! I'll do everything you said. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you again xx

  • My hair fell out in handfuls on t4 along with numerous other side effects, some very scary. Unfortunately I could not tolerate t3 either so can't comment on that but has recovered on NDT. It took about 6 months to notice a difference. Hope you see some improvement soon.

  • Thank you debjs.

  • Turning point in my life - the thing that made me decide to self-medicate with T3 was the day I lost half of my hair in the shower. However terrible this was, it brought change into my life because from that point I finally did something about my illness. Hope this will happen to you, bad thing now will turn into something good. I really believe that it will.

  • Thank you miriamm. Hope things will finally change for me too.

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