totally off topic and hacked off again, don't read if you are squeamish

first it was the kardashians that annoyed me and now has anyone noticed this-- what is it with the daily wail and express, each time I look at on -line news I see ' watch this- graphic vile disgusting dropdown pictures of large spots being popped full of pus /grungy boils full of pus / infested toenails/ large black- heads being popped underarms and Lord knows where-- is this really necessary for daily news or are they hoping to make us vomit each morning and not eat breakfast------------ vile and disgusting! rant over!

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If it's advertising, it can be blocked...

no it isnt advertising- longt the top of the pages on the front pages are little news windows and they are in there its the first thing you see when the bloody page comes up.. we want to keep seeing that..

Here's a screenshot of the Fail's homepage, using the Opera browser on a desktop 'pooter with uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger extensions.

I didn't see a "Gruesome moment friends squeeze GIANT blackhead on man's back" click-bait video link until halfway down the l-o-n-g page.

Give me the pus filled boils and gungy toenails over the Kardasians any day. Less chance of my brain dribbling out of my ear. 😁

Read a better paper?

No, honestly, I think it is advertising for the News Of The World type news sites that have all these impossible stories. Just read your news on the BBC website. No way of blocking endless referendum campaign news unfortunately.

and know what I shall be voting---beware of propoganda by the bbc

Unfortunately anything to do with the BBC is completely biased sadly.

It's all biased, no matter what you read. There is no such thing as baslanced. Even the independent had its moments.

I also know what I will be voting. Sadly the people who have the most to lose probably won't vote.

Yep, they're all biased, so it's best to get news from more than one source. However I'd say the BBC is less biased than the daily Fail and the express!

i think they are as bad

If you want news on the EU read the English speaking Newspapers across Europe. The German and Swedish papers prove that we don't get a lot of this news.

I don't see why papers are reporting on blackheads, and the trash celebs when there's more going on in the World than ever.

helcaster my poin t exactly!

Watch France24 online or on Freeview - it's all in English, and no it's not all French news it's European news and covers the Syrian and immigrant crisis. All done in a factual unbiased manner. I've even watched Aljazeera before now. They are all English speaking news asters.

When you are all voting OUT - spare a thought for me and other expats please - we may well get chucked out and/or the reciprocal arrangements France and the U.K have now may cease. As in the case of Calais - the English border does NOT start in France! Borders are there to check people who enter countries NOT leave them! So it will be Dover, Felixstowe/Harwich, Newhaven, Southampton, Ramsgate etc etc that will have to bear the Brunt if either the UK withdraws or France expels the British Customs on the French side!

What's that saying bluepettals - we have to take life as it comes - Warts & ALL :-( ...........Including Donald Trump God Forbid! I don't see him as a World Leader!

.....and now we have the Social Media Trolls to worry about as well,

Also I wonder how many of those 70 year olds on TV yesterday, who have been followed since they were born in 1946 have Thyroid and or other Endocrine related health problems?

On that note I'll wish you all a happy, healthy and good evening for now :-)

I'd like to think if people are paying taxes and contributing to the countries they are in, I can't see why they would be thrown out?

Nothing is going to sway me from voting out, soz.

I'm a UK pensioner living in France - never worked or paid tax here due to my low income!

I would think you are safe as you are already there in france but it is a bit worrying of ho wit will turn out if we come out- I dontknow who to trust actually they are all a load of liars and all this is B-LIARS fault!

Until quite recently, I thought Kardashians were out of Star Trek DS9, but of course that's really Cardassians. Oh well.

I'm waiting for a comment from Ken on this, it really made me laugh! Let's face it, they are weird enough to be from another planet.

Sorry, wrong forum, he won't see your comment. Don't worry, I will let him know.

This is precisely why I avoid ALL newspapers and TV news like the plague! I am just not bloody interested!!! It's all biased opinion from one side or another anyway and I'd rather do without it. I live in my own world on the side of my isolated Welsh mountain with those I care about me, creating my art to my heart's content and, hopefully, even selling some once in a while so the wolf is kept at bay. I am not in the slightest bit interested in what is happening outside of that sphere unless it actually impacts on me and mine, which most of this sh*te doesn't.

well it will impact on you and your kids with this damned EU.

My kids left home a long time ago and are quite capable of making their own way in the world. As for the EU, this country was conned into joining it back in Ted Heath's day and drifted into it like a half-asleep zombie despite the clear warning signs that were around even then. Probably the worst move this country ever made, but having made it, perhaps it should try to make the best of it instead of always trying to pick a fight with it.

As for it impacting my life, I probably agree... whichever way this country chooses to go (in or out) you can guarantee neither option is going to result in a better standard of living for anyone with their noses outside that particular trough. I however, shall be content to carry on as I always have by making the best of what's on offer instead of giving myself an ulcer worrying about what's not!

Not everything about the EU is bad anymore than everything g about the UK is good.

Zephyrbear may I remind you it was that pillock Neil Kinnock who stopped the EU Commission accounts from being audited, after he'd left office as PM, then took a very lucrative Post with them as a EU Commissioner!

I voted to enter the EU in the 70s and will also vote to Stay in it! Yes I still currently retain my right as a British National to vote in UK General Elections and Referendums. I have a very vested interest in which way the UK votes, I have family there, a bank account there and my U.K. State Pension is paid from there. The U.K. Is NOT part of the Schengen (no Borders) Agreement - it already has the legal authority to vet immigrants - but successive Tory and Labour Governments have not done so and just keeps letting people in anyway! If the UK leaves - yes trade tariffs will applŷ - they already do for all non EU countries who trace with Europe including the UK now as part of the U.K. I've thought for years that China, with its (made in China), India and Malaysia with their cheap exports using cheap labour, to The UK is what cost has cost the UK its manufacturing industries - not Europe! You can't buy anything cheaply in France because it has protected its workers! The U.K. Became a Service Industry - Finance and Insurance - the Civil Servants, Money Men and Media run the country - IN or OUT - that what's the UK people need to stand up against - instead of blaming Europe for all its woes! Stay in Europe with its trade benefits, and fight the UK System, that needs changing like the EU Commission needs changing

At least living here I'm not adding to NHS costs - but I and thousands others may well do if the UK votes to come out, because we may have to return there. I don't have a house to sell here, so I'd also become a drain on UK Social Services - one reason I'm not moving out of this house now until I know the result of the Referendum. Yes I'd love to leave it tomorrow and go to that hospital that specialises in blood disorders! But to relocate in France and sign up all over again in a new department (County) takes 3/4 months.

Sorry for the Political lecture folks, off topic from TUK I knoŵ - we all have too many health and stress related problems - it's in our own hands to change things - stand up and fight - for what you believe is right! That's what I'm doing here with my health problems - and yes I'm getting somewhere, slowly I know - but standing up for what you believe in and making a nuisance of yourself is what gets things done!

all thi s worry about our great Britain helps to wreck our health

Yes BLuepettals, it's the same wherever we live isn't it :-(


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