supplements and what is more I think that they can be a load of old hype after what I have found out,

that is- unless you are a fit person without gene malfunctions and can absorb, they wont neccesarily be any use to you if you have gene mutations that do not allow YOU to absorb them, so, we shove them all down our neck wondering why we don't feel any better- its on the genes and doctors dont consider this at all or these tv programmes! and this is why we are treated as clones - one size DOES NOT fit all!

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  • Exactly, so many people here follow the advice of others to take this, that and the other in huge doses but don't actually consider the knock on effect all these pills and potions might be having. I know I can't tolerate vits in any form, I'm low in range of many but that is where my body needs to be.

  • I'm in the middle of a big decluttering session at the moment and that will include all the part used and discarded pots and packets of this and that supplements !! They are going to get bagged up and dispensed back to a Pharmicist for safe disposal.

    I have a history of trying things out and a few weeks later my body starts telling me ......Stop !! I don't need this.It always starts with niggles .....aches and pains.One day I will learn my lesson and ignore advertising !!

  • Me Too....I'm always looking for THE ANSWER and THE QUICK FIX, and also in the process of a supps. clear out

  • Certainly can't say that many have done me any good over the past few years and didn't seem to need any when I was on Goldshield Eltroxin. I am sure all we really need is decent Thyroid meds that suit us personally.

  • not that easy jbee as I said if you have gene mutations nothing will work unless you know what to take to rectify the minefield

  • Pettals, I've had noticeable benefits from supplementing D3. I had considerable knee and hip joint pain when vitD was <10 which resolved 6 weeks after loading and maintenance doses. I had hip joint pain in November which resolved after I increased dose and having been pain-free for several weeks I've reduced dose again.

  • that's good clutter, what I was meaning is this- if you don't have gene mutations on particular genes then you can absorb, on the link I put on a different post the doc was explaining that if you have mutations on various genes it wont absorb even tho your levels may look good on paper thi s is becos it is the blood and not cells, I have a mutation on a vit d gene whereby I don't absorb vit d regardless that my blood levels look good, and also it links to hairloss.. I have a mhftr mutaton and don't absorb b12 but my levels look ok and I am told I am fine but iamnot so it depends on the gene mutations

  • Clutter, keep a check on levels. My B12 went down rapidly after antibiotics and not being so keen on supplementing. Will keep maintenance dose always now.

  • j-bee, I have annual thyroid, vitD and calcium blood tests. I take 1,000mcg methylcobalamin most days.

  • I had/have a conversion problem and after about a year of supplementing I found I was feeling much better and more energy but I have a few food allergies but probably needed them. They were good for me and the conversion has improved a lot but may be needs tweaking a little.

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