T3 Source that works?

I have been using Mexican Cynomel from Grossman for the past few years, however my supply is going to run out soon. I have tested Tiromel and Uni Pharma T3 and I feel no effect at all from these products, within 3-4 days my hypo symptoms return, I hop back on Cynomel and feel good again.

Does anyone have a source for T3 that works? I have been told that Cynomel will never return as the lab has been closed down and some of the staff are in prison, this is what one of the mexican pharmacies told me.

There must be a product out there (available without prescription) that is comparable to Grossman T3? I am starting to worry about this now and I'm sure other people must be in the same boat.

Thanks :)

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  • Have you tried CyTomel (Pfizer) or Perrigo liothyronine? They are without doubt very much more expensive to aquire than Uni-Pharma or Tiromel, but one or other just might be your life saver.

  • No I haven't tried those. Are they available without prescription? If so, please can you PM me?

  • I get Perrigo Liothyronine on prescription which I found ok to start but then it seemed like it wasn't doing anything even if I kept raising the dose, have now ordered WP thyroid and am hoping it will be more stable! Does anyone have any experience with WP thyroid???

  • I am not sure what you are asking re: WP? WP is a whole thyroid extract, not just T 3. It contains both T 4 and T 3 as well as a few other thyroid hormones. I went from taking Synthroid (T4 only) to Armour (NDT as is WP) in one day but started off on a small dose of Armour and worked up the dosage. I started using WP when Erfa started having problems and am well satisfied with WP.

  • Thanks yes I know WP is extracted from

    A pig and is similar to Armour, I have taken Armour in the past but they changed it when the company was taken over a few years ago and it wasn't the same for me since then! I am on T3 only because I needed to get rid ot RT3 in my system now that is done I can't seem to establish a regular dose, some days I need more than others and my body seems to have got usee to it, I increased the dose twice recently with no effect so I'm trying WP to see if I can get a more stable response from my body! I chose WP because it seems to be the most pure of all the NDTs with less fillers! I just wondered if anyone on here had had experience of switching from T3 to WP and how they found it? Even though I know everyone's response is different!

  • I'm sorry.. thought you were just asking about WP experiences. As an aside... it is thought that as one attempts to optimize their thyroid meds, underlying conditions such as low iron, D 3, B 12, stressed adrenals, even low sex hormones, high estrogen etc., can start to reveal themselves. Is everything else optimal? In other words, maybe it isn't the thyroid meds causing the problem? With your experience with thyroid meds, I am pretty sure you have considered these things but maybe take a fresh look?

  • Yes thanks went through all that last year and have optimised all D3 B12 and Iron etc but I do think there may be a problem with my adrenals but I can't afford the test at the moment! :(

  • Understood. So... try to limit your exercise, eliminate stress (good luck with that one..lol) etc. It is thought that when adrenals are functioning below par, (low body temp, low metabolism etc) and then thyroid meds are added and are nudging the body towards normalcy with increased body temp, metabolism etc, it just strains the adrenals even more. They can't keep up. So, it can be a huge problem.

  • I think that is the problem, mu body has been so low for so long that my adrenals don't like it when the meds are trying to get me back to normal!! No exercise at mo, was diagnosed with highly reactive RA last year also and am

    On special diet to reduce inflammation! Thanks I think I need to buy something herbal to support adrenals, have been looking at ashwaganda as it's adaptogenic!! Do you know of any other adrenal support that might benefit?

  • I have never had adrenal issues but.. have heard that the point is to give the adrenals a rest so they can recuperate. A saliva cortisol test is helpful so you know if the adrenals are making too much cortisol or too little and when. Anything that stimulates the adrenals is not good, via supplement/herbal or otherwise.

    When adrenals are stressed they are 'swiping' hormones from everywhere including progesterone, for instance, which is why testing those sex hormones (saliva, not blood) can also be helpful.

    Adrenals do run on salt. Try adding unprocessed sea salt... 1/4 - 1/2 tsp to a glass of water a few times per day. If the thought of this gags you, you can add some lemon juice and honey as a sweetener to make it more palatable. Adding some liquid minerals to the mix wouldn't hurt.


  • Thanks I do use Himalayan salt every day and did start drinking Himalayan salt mix called sole but haven't for a while! I think my problem

    Is more too little than too much, I very rarely get stressed, take everything in my stride bug I think my situation with my health has actually strained my adrenals more, that's why I mentioned ashwaganda, it's an ataptogenic herb which means it does what your body needs, if too much cortisol it will slow it down however if too little ig will encourage production!

  • Like I mentioned, I just don't know that much about supplements that might be helpful and wouldn't want to lead anyone astray. I too have used the sole but it has been a while. I do drink some salt water once or twice per day. It can't hurt, right? But I think they say to support your adrenals and give them a rest. It can get complicated, especially when dealing with thyroid issues as well.

  • Thanks for your help! Yes I will go back to drinking the sole every morning! And once I have the money for the test I will have it done! I also do meditation regularly which I find also helps! I suppose I need to find the right thyroid hormone supp for me too, hoping the WP will be it this time! Fingers crossed! Thanks again x

  • Do you split your doses of T3? Did you titrate your dose gradually.

  • I have been using Grossman Cynomel T3 for years, worked up to 25mcg (along with Synthroid 125mcg).

    When swapping for Tiromel or Uni Pharma (same 25mcg dosage), hypo symptoms return. When I start back on Cynomel, hypo symptoms resolve.

    This isn't a question of dosage or timing, its a question of finding a product that works.

  • Have you tried, say, one-and-a-quarter tablets of Tiromel or Uni-Pharma liothyronine?

  • I haven't tried that no as it is such a dramatic difference from Cynomel compared to the others that I suppose I didn't see the point. There is either no liothyronine in there or its very underdosed or I just don't absorb it for whatever reason.

    I feel more effect from 1/4 of a Cynomel than a whole Tiromel or Uni Pharma.

  • There is no such "dramatic difference" between T3's. In fact I think that last batches in Mexican Cynomel were a complete rubbish, so I had to take more of it than now on other T3 brands. I don't understand why you never tried to take more as people before me already suggested.

  • It may not be the liothyronine at all which is the problem but the fillers/binders in the products which affect you.

  • yhickfoe, I have no thyroid and 61.25mcg Tiromel (closest I could get to 60mcg Mercury Pharma T3 previously prescribed for 3 months) which I took for 3 months was fine.

    Some members who previously took Cynomel complain that Tiromel and Uni-Pharma seem weak in comparison. It may be worth trying a higher dose.

  • I am not complaining :) I take exactly the same dose as with Cynomel and I feel fine. Oh, and I also don't have thyroid since I was 25.

  • Mina_, thank you, I've edited my post to say "Some members..."

  • Yes I have been sliwly increasing/ decreasing the dose since August last year! I was currently taking 10mcg at 5am, 5mcg at 9am, 10mcg at 1pm 5mcg at 5pm and 5mcg at 9pm but still having hypo symptoms with pulse at 58 when previously I was taking just 20mcg one day and 2cg the next which was fine for a while! Having said that it could be altered by the level of inflammation in my body! I am now on the Paddison programme for RA and it has reduced the inflammation but also the T3 seemed to work less at the same time? Could be coincidence? Also I had new prescription could be difference in strength of tablets??? Anyway I'm hoping the WP will work better for me and be more stable in my system!

  • I don't split my dose of T3, and am well now, thankfully. I hope your NDT works well for you as it contains all of the hormones our healthy gland would have produced.

  • I tried not splitting the dose, I have tried everything with the T3 since last September and I'm just not getting where I want to be so I'm really hoping that WP will be the one that works for me! That should read 20mcg and 25mcg not 2 in my last post!! Thanks Shaws, I really wanted the T3 to work for me as I managed to convince my doctor to give it to me on prescription but since then it's been somewhat unstable, could be the brand doesn't suit me??? But having used Armour before I'm hopjng the WP will be better for me! :)

  • If it was MP T3 it might have been fillers/binders which affected you.

    I wish you well on your new WP.

  • It was Perrigo Liothyronine! Not sure what MP is? I also tried Cytomel, and Tiromel too!

  • MP is the UK T3. As I said above sometimes it's the fillers/binders which can affect us even if even it's the slightest change in the tablet.

    I wish you well on your NDT. WP is hypoallergenic so you should be fine.

  • Perrigo is UK as well, this is what I was given! Yes I know WP only has two filler/ binders this is why I have gone for this one! Thanks :)

  • Why I ask is that Mercury Pharma (Amdipharm) is the only one licenced to provide T3. Other T3's are usually on a named-patient basis and few doctors will do so.

  • Ok well I don't think I'm on a named patient basis, he didn't mention this, the pharmacy order the T3 for me and Perrigo distributed by Minneapolis are the ones I have been prescribed! 5mcg they do taste like they have a lot of fillers and binders! They chew like paper or cardboard! Had to swallow with water instead!

  • As far as I am aware we must take thyroid hormones with one glass of water as they can swell in our throats.They aren't made to be chewed /sublingual as the molecules are too large to be absorbed through tongue and we might then not be getting the exact amount we think we're taking.

  • The Tiromel I took were tiny and like a sugar pill, they were fine to chew in fact by the time I cut the 25mcg pills into quarters they used to melt in my mouth anyway!

  • I heard good reviews about Thylexan(T3) . If you google't you will find that the cost is not prohibitive(60tabsx25mcg =50$).

  • Thylexan is Indian T3 that only bodybuilders use.

  • I haven't heard of this one before, thank you, I will look into it :)

  • Be careful of Thylexan.

    Some suppliers look to be dodgy.

    They make 25 microgram and 50 microgram tablets - don't get confused.

    We have seen very, very few mentions of it on this forum. So you will be pretty much out there on your own if you decided to go down that route.

  • Well it either works or it doesn't, worth a shot considering there aren't many options.

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    (If you click on the black word "Reply" your response is to the original post and will not be threaded.)

    Indeed there is a limited number of options. I'd try crunching up the tablets and taking slightly more before jumping to Thylexan. But that is simply what I would choose.

  • thanks for clarifying that tech issue.I've been wondering about how the thread works!

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