Where to buy B12 injections?

Hi. I recently got my results on vitamin B12 and my levels are very low. However my doctor prescribed me injections once per month!!! I know this won't work, so I decided to get them on my own as I know how to inject myself. So my question is - is it possible to buy B12 injections in UK without prescription? If it is, how much they cost? If not / or they are too expensive where I can order them online. Just trusted websites please. Thanks.

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  • some here may know but the best place for advice is the pa forum, repost there.

  • Link:


    And wholly endorsed. In general they are more on the ball with these things.

  • I cannot help with an answer but if your B12 is 'very' low did your GP test the instrinsic factor to make sure you don't have pernicious anaemia? Excerpt:

    Pernicious anaemia is the most common Vitamin B12 deficiency and is characterised by Vitamin B12 deficiency, megaloblastic anaemia, neuropathy and atrophic gastritis with intrinsic factor autoantibodies. Pernicious anaemia occurs as an end result to an autoimmune disease that destroys the gastric muscosa. First the parietal cells of the stomach, which produce Intrinsic Factor, are depleted. Second autoantibodies to Intrinsic Factor block the binding sites for Vitamin B12.


  • I am not sure that I have this. My doctor said that I should have one injection per month, but I know that this is not how it works. But he is not interested, they just don't want to spend money on me.

  • I never used them myself so I can't tell you is it possible to buy them here without prescription, although I doubt it. I saw that website from which I am ordering my T3 and hydrocortisone have it in offer, so I'll send you a link.

  • All injectable medicines are prescription-only in the UK.

  • Pink_Rabbit, would you mind PM:ing me that link as well?

  • PM'd you.

  • Thanks Pink_rabbit.

  • They're very helpful here: b12d.org/

  • Thank you.

  • You can't get them in UK without script but they are only 15£ on private script for a pack of 5 amps. The gp consult to get the script is £80 but I know one who will give you 3 scripts. You can buy the amps over the counter in south africa and Thailand. You do need to get tested for PA though. Nhs missed my diagnosis for years by failing to test for the antibodies.

  • Sorry but this would be too expensive for 15 amp. and I am not planning of going to South Africa or Thailand for B12 :)

  • I think £15 for 5 amps is excellent value personally. If it was cheaper I'd wonder whether it was a fake product

  • I recently ordered B12 online from Greece, paid 45 pounds for 12 amps with shipping, no prescription needed.

  • Can you send me link on PM?

  • PM sent.

  • Thank you.

  • So it's cheaper on private script then at £15 for 5 amps ie £30 for 10 amps and you are paying 45 for 12 amps

  • You said that private prescription is 80, so how is this cheaper?

  • The prescription is not £80, it is £15 per 5 amps

  • You said: `gp consult to get the script is £80`

  • I purchased 30 ampules of Rotexmedica hydroxocobalmin from Germany for 33 Euro. The syringes/needles/swabs in the UK.

  • I don't have a prescription, I know in Germany they ask for it for just about everything.

  • But not, so I understand, B12!

  • You def do not need a prescription for B12 in Germany. If you are in the UK there are many online pharmacies you can purchase B12 (do a search on the PAS forum on healthunlocked for detailed info) including amazon.de. Hope that is useful.

  • Apologies should have clarified, many online pharmacies in Germany who will send to UK in addition to Amazon.de.

  • How much do they charge for shipping? This is important too because I hate those things on amazon when product is a bargain but they charge you for shipping 3 or 4 times over the price of the product.

  • I ordered some methylcobalamin this morning from Amazon Germany...cost about £25 for 20 ampules including shipping which was about £12. Interestingly. Amazon.de now have an English website so it is very easy to do. Shipping was the same for one pack or two.

  • I get my syringes on ebay or amazon. I use the diabetic needles and do it sub cue. Works fine. The nhs will tell you it must be IM which is nonsense.

  • Shipping depends on where you are and how much you order. The PAS forum has a lot of posts with all the info you prob need. The last batch I purchased was from the chemist in Munich Airport as my husband was flying there. If you are not happy with german amazon try mycare.de

    As per Bluedaffodil I also inject Subq, buy needles etc for Medisave.

  • I guess it's easy when you have somebody going there, but I have to order and it's my first time so I'm worried about everything... price, will my order arrive in one piece and so on...

  • I normally order online, I was lucky my husband happened to be in Germany recently so took the opportunity of collecting more B12. Of course it is daunting etc first time however it is very easy. I am not very good as to how to add links to the posts on the PAS forum but I really suggest you do a search on healthunlocked for b12 self injection and all the info plus reputable places to buy will be there for you. There are also many people who will offer help and answer your questions in order to help you ordering for first time.

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