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Parathyroid results

Hi everyone, positive thought for all us suffers - not long till the clock go forward and the warmer weather comes (we hope).

My post is about my parathyroid results etc. If you have followed my moans and groans you will already know the rings I have been running around in. A recap - seen urologist after suspected kidney stones, all clear but said parathyroid was high would write to my GP for referral to an endo ( pph 80 (15-65 ng/L) 26.10.15), GP refused to refer to endo. Put me on Vit d (Vit d serum 21 (50-120 nmol/L) 26.10.15) said low Vit d can cause high pph, only allowed 3 months, retest in February.

So here we are having had my blood test and result is still high, please note my results say that "Unit of measurement change on 23rd December 2015" which really helps but, still noted that pph 7.27 pmol/L (range 1.59 - 6.89) there is a flag saying "S1 elevated - suggest check again 6/12", the all knowing fully trained receptionist said I need retesting in 6 months (sorry sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but they make me so angry, jumped up administrators) anyway I digress, now my question is should I really wait another 6 moths to be tested again (on the receptionist advice) or go back to GP.

My t4 is 18.2 pmol/L (12-22)

TSH 1.95 mu/L (0.30-4.20)

Vit d 76 nmol/L (50-120) still taking for the next week

Serum calcium 2.41nmol/L (2.15-2.55) - result 26.10.15, 2.36 nmol/L

Serum adjusted calcium 2.27 nmol/L (2.15-2.55) - result 26.10.15, 2.26 nmol/L

My b12 was last tested on 10.9.15 when it was 314 pg/ml (197-866), I was told, as per usual this is normal.

Serum folate >20 ng/ml (4.6-18.7) tested on 10.9.15 this was marked as too high GP mentioned nothing about it but put me on 3 months of folic acid, not tested since.

I take 50mg of levo and have done since I was diagnose back in spring 2013. Am I being failed by my GP ? I have taken all sorts of info to my appointments that kind people on here helped with but it is neither read nor noted, generally totally disregarded.

I do not have loads of spare money but wonder if I should seek a private endo to try and get some answers that my GP will have to acknowledge.

I am struggling with life, I work full time in a demanding and responsible role, do the book keeping for my sons ltd business, am helping organise another sons wedding, moving house and am the "rock" that my parents rely on, have a sister with an acquired brain injury and two nieces who come to me for help, a sister in law and cousin both fighting a losing battle with cancer and who have no siblings to help. All of this and I feel lik s**t exhausted it not descriptive enough (oh forgot had major neck surgery last year and may need more) my list of symptoms is endless like all thyroid sufferers.

Please please please should I:-

See a private endo?

If so who, I live near Brighton?

Should I get a blue horizon test done?

If so which one?

Should I change my GP?

Any recommendation or clues as to how I find a knowledgeable one?

Or should I just accept my "lot" and deal with it?

Sorry this is so long, that was not the intention but being fat, fatigued and frustrated do not make me a happy bunny.

All help, suggestions etc are gratefully received thank you all in advance, chin up

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I think that if a consultant urologist writes to your GP to ask for you to be referred on to endocrinologist then your GP should do it as a matter of professional courtesy . Best wishes



50mcg of levo is a starting dose and some doctors (yours obviously) thinks that once the TSH is 'in range' the jobs done. Not the case.

Some of us need a very low or suppressed TSH to feel well. and I'll give you a link with info. We have to read and learn ourselves if want to recover. Go to the dates June 8, 2001 and September 6, 2001 and

There are other topics at the top of the page and links within may not work as it is now an archived site.


If the Urologist requested your doctor to refer you to an Endo your doctor cannot refuse I am sure.


Your PTH is a little high, If you have a problem it will build over time as the problem parathyroid grows. I had two of the four removed about 4 years ago. Go to for complete understanding. Dr. Norman is very thorough.


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