T3 online ordering

Have just been to see my Endo today after quite a while and she has agreed to prescribe me T3 which is great news, however after looking up on her computer she advised that we don´t have it here in Portugal at the moment!

I am a bit nervous about ordering online so could anyone that buys online please Private Message me with details.

Thanks in advance :)

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  • I am ordering T3 online for years. Once you get used to this, it's really nothing to worry about especially when you are getting it from a trusted source. Sent you PM.

  • Thanks Rowan-1 have sent you a pm back.

  • Bristol1965, your pharmacist should be able to use the prescription to import T3 from other EU countries. One member is supplied Sanofi/Aventis T3 from France.

  • Thanks Clutter - did not even think about doing that. Will go to my local Pharmacy here and ask them.

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