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Adrenal Problems from Hypothyroidism


I am currently on NDT, self sourced, for my underactive thyroid. I'm almost better, back to my old self, but not completely, so I suspected my adrenals were not right, due to stress from my underactive thyroid. I had them tested via a 24 hour saliva test, and it showed my cortisol as too high. So, I have started Holy Basil to bring this down (hopefully!).

My question is what do I do next? So once I feel good, as in the HB has got my cortisol down, do I hold this dosage for a few weeks, then slowly ween off them, then repeat a cortisol saliva test to see how they are?

Thank you.

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I know of two theories from two doctors who treated outwith the NHS. One said that adrenals sort themselves out when on optimum of hormones and the other said we need to fix adrenals first.

Maybe a tiny (1/4 tablet) increase in your NDT might do the trick and if you have symptoms of overdose drop back.

Others will respond who've had different experiences and solved their problem.


Thank you for your reply :)


I am in exactly the same situation and now learning about adrenals. I am working with a nutritionist who works on metabolic balance so I am hoping it will help a lot plus I have to change a lot of things for myself. I heard Siberian Ginseng is brilliant for calming the adrenals down which my nutritionist is going to put me on in a few weeks. I would rather have it now but she says no because I am having to start from scratch with my gut with a strict diet for the first 14days.

May I ask if you were on Levo before you moved to NDT and why did you move onto it?


I was on Levo for five months and felt worse. I read NDT was better. :)

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