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Don't get caught out

An email was sitting in my junk folder this morning, purporting to come from Royal Mail. Looking at the address it was sent from, it is definitely a scam. Even if I had been awaiting something from abroad, this would not have got me. Please be vigilant and don't get caught out.


Royal Mail is sorry to inform you that a package addressed to you was seized by HM Revenue & Customs upon arrival into the United Kingdom.

A close inspection deemed your items as counterfeit and the manufacturers have been notified. If you items are declared genuine then they will be returned back to you with the appropriate custom charges.

You may have been a victim of counterfeit merchandise and the RM Group UK will notify you on how to get your money back. Please review the attached PDF document for more information.

[link to zip file]

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. "

P.S. A quick Google search has revealed RM Group UK are nothing to do with Royal Mail.

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Thank you very much for this important post. Most of us do get/order packages etc. and it's good to know in advance that RM is unconnected to Royal Mail.

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I was a victim of a couterdfeit pair of boots.... They were absolute rubbish and i wish that they had been picked up by customs and returned..... I am not allowed to send them back because they are fakes!

:-(. G.


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