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Hiya everyone who replied to my post and thank you for your advice. Well been to the docs told her about my symptoms and she is doing a full hormone work up for me. My blood tests are on the 23rd 8.25am will let you know how it goes. I told her I think that it's my thyroid and she seem to think that I have had early menopause, and she still said if they come back normal then that's it basically. So just have to wait and c. I ain't stopping till I get someone to do something. Just sitting there reeling off my symptoms made me sound like a right hypercondriac, it's not nice.

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No. You sound like all of us. we want answers and shouldn't feel bad for demanding to feel "normal" don't stop til you get results


Make sure you get a copy of those results and post them here for comment.

Normal isn't always what the doctor says it is...

Well done for standing your ground. It shouldn't be so hard to get listened to, but unfortunately it often is.


Well done, hope you get the answers you need x

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