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Blood test


Hello Everyone

Not been on here much lately almost 3 months ago I was put on combination therapy 50 mcg of Thyroxine with 20mcg of T3. Been feeling so much better and even had 2 1/2 weeks without a migraine which hadn't happened in over a year ! From Oct last year I was having daily migraines and Neurology were a complete waste of time! So been on the combination therapy and feeling better but when I have my migraines I am completely wiped out, constipated ,have incredibly dry skin, dehydrated I think my thyroid function is causing the migraines?

Anyway I need to get my bloods tested at the previously I would fast but what happens now I am on the T3? Do I get tested 2 hours after I've taken the T3? Also do I take the T4 before I go or go without till I've had my bloods tested.

I need the bloods tested to see if I need an increase in dose which I think I need just a slight increase as over the past 3 months my migraines are reducing, my hair is better my skin feels better I don't look like I've slept on a cactus in the morning anymore, I think I just need a little more to wipe out the fatigue as I am still going to bed same time as my kids- so boring !

Thanks in advance :)

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You keep to the same regime, i.e. 24 hours between last dose of hormones and the blood test and fast. You can drink water.

I think the best judge of increasing/decreasing is how the person feels. If they think they might feel a little better try a small increase . If they have some adverse reaction they should lower it. Always adjust gradually up/down as sometimes a minute dose might do the trick.

I'm glad you are feeling a lot better on the combination.

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