Best diet for hypothyroidism?

Hey everyone, is there any particular way of eating that you find best suited to your hypothyroidism?

I've been following a high-carb, very low-fat diet, sometimes emphasising fruits, sometimes emphasising starches. At first I felt great but now it's truly drained me and I feel absolutely awful so have gone back to a more moderate eating approach. I'm just intrigued by what works for you!

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  • Well everyone is different but I have never believed in having low fat anything be it meat or dairy. But seeing as how your body has reacted I would be inclined to eat normally. But because our food is grown mostly in a way it doesn't get the nutrients in it that our body requires we unfortunately have to spend a small fortune on supplements. Also we all thyroiders have to find out by trial and error to feel well. Hope that helps.

  • Low fat is increasingly being shown *not* to be a great idea. We need reasonable amounts of fat in our diet.

    Re what to do, I honestly don't know what to tell you any more. I've been pro all sorts of diets over my chequered 34 years of dieting history (I'm 46 now). But honestly, nothing works better than being on the right type and right amount of thyroid replacement hormone. If you're finding it super-tough to lose weight, no matter what you try, there's a very good chance you're not on a high enough dose of thyroid hormone replacement, or there's another nutritional deficit (like being ferritin, Vit D or Vit B12 deficient) that needs addressing.

  • Hi, any time I do anything to the extreme I don't feel so good. So I decided to just keep my diet healthy in a common sense kinda way plenty of fruit and veg, fish, i've cut right down on gluten which I must say has made the most difference for me but even with that I never say never, I have something if I want it I just don't over indulge. I get a lot of pleasure from eating so I don't like to punish myself too much, I just know that these days I know when enough is enough cos it just aint worth it. esp with gluten! But that's me. :)

  • Maybe try low carb, high fat next ;-)

    Seriously though, there is an autoimmune protocol which may be worth you trying:

  • I do full fat, protein and veg and not so much fruit - I use butter and cream in cooking and a lot of potatoes/sweet potatoes - I don't eat gluten and avoid dairy generally but take a lactase tablet if I'm having cream - I'm normal weight I would say and have normal energy levels - if I try and restrict my calories my body shuts down very quickly and I get ratty - saying that, since I've got my thyroid sorted I have changed shape and don't think about dieting anymore X

  • The shift in thinking generally,seems to be away from high fibre ie high wholefoods & low fat,towards more protein & plenty of the right sort of fat.

    The trends in eating with an underactive thyroid seems to be in that direction-emphasis on keeping blood sugar levels stable & getting enough protein.

    I was diagnosed in 1997.I need to keep dairy low.I have upped my fish intake & am now eating chicken regularly.(Cannot face red meat more than occasionally)

    I cut out gluten about 3 months ago,but like pastille,not 100%,though I aim to keep it close to zero.I am surprised how easily I have adapted to this.Making my own GF loaf in my bread maker was the breakthrough for me.Due to fatigue,I am not travelling much these days,which makes it SO much easier.

    I have cut out all soy products.I do eat lightly steamed brocolli & cabbage,though many advise cutting out all brassicas.

    Since going GF my sugars intake has plunged.I stick to extra-virgin olive oil & a little butter.

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