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please , please , don't forget that this valuable site needs to be supported to keep on helping all of us

as a full charity that receives NO outside funding ...... there are many ways to do this ---- one of which is my ' ali-can challenge ' , whereby YOU can not only support this site but also get a SURprize [ the next 1 is less than 3 weeks away , with 3 more others to come ] or some cold hard cash at the final count ...... and if we get to 100 guesstimates , I will donate an extra prize , lets all get behind this , and other endeavours to keep this [our ] site going to allow all of us to gather/gain information to empower and empathise ALL OF US ......... finally take a little time to think where/how you would go to without this site and the good people that contribute and run it ........alan xxxx

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I agree Alan. Many members who've been fortunate to get info and help are unaware that it's which is oranization behind HU Thyroid.

It costs £20 per year for membership and you also get quarterly magazine called Harmony and gives us the most up-to-date information on how we can go forward. The Office is badly in need of new computer system.

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exactly my point shaws , and always remember -- you don't have to be a fully paid up member to support the site ,,,,, access is never restricted -- for help ,advice,empathy, or even a sounding/ranting board ..... or anything that you need that may help ..... YOU ..... and needs to be continued for all of us and those that will come in the future , after all it will be a never ending thing .......alan x

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