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Loss of relatioship

Hi I've followed you all for months on here.

My problem started in 2002 after my daughter was born,6 mths later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism,for years I've suffered not feeling well,GP telling me I was depressed etc...normal story!

I have see two private Drs during all this time as GP said there was nothing wrong,both said I didn't convert,self medicated for a while and improved,in 2015 over medicated and became hyper,GP told me to stop taking Amour as I was so hyper,I did as asked and crumbled again,finally after lots of appointments with GP my partner of 5 yrs persuaded her to let me see an Endocrinologist as I was suffering so much,exhaustion,mood swings,everything you can think of,the point to this is after 8mths of waiting I am now on T3 and so very well,I can't believe I lived as I did for all those years,just 2 weeks prior to starting T3 I had a moment of insanity that I can't remember and my partner told me I said I couldn't live like this anymore,that he didn't care about me and I wanted to end our relationship! Nothing could be further from my mind...4 mths have past,he won't see or speak to me saying he doesn't feel the same as me anymore...I'm so well now a different person to who I was back then,I'm at a loss as to what to do as he was my rock,we have 4 teenagers between us who want us back together...any suggestions,I've tried most things?? Thank you and I hope you all get your health back as I have.

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Hi Lola

First, I am glad you've recovered your health with T3 but am sorry your relationship has fallen by the wayside at present.

All of us at sometime or other have said things we wished we hadn't and most times we've been forgiven, or forgiven what's been said/done to us.

Life twists and turns unfortunately but it could turn for you in that he will eventually see you and you can talk things through.

Maybe also send him a letter and explain to him that your statement was due to you not being on the correct thyroid hormones and are sorry you hurt him. That T3 is needed in every cell in our body for everything to function normally, parituclarly heart and brain (contains most T3 cells). Many people are treated for mental illnesses instead of being diagnosed with a thyroid gland dysfunction and you'd like a second chance and to be forgiven.

If one or some of your children are able to persuade him/you to have a few days away together - although you can never tell how things will turn out.


Llola, you poor lamb, what a witness your story is to the suffering which a failure to diagnose thyroid illness properly brings about.

So many relationships must break apart because men do not understand why women alter so greatly, and because it is not a visible physical disease, blame the women for their symptoms.

Well done in finally getting the right treatment. At least your children understand, I hope.


This is a link for info and read from the date September 11, 2004:


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