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Help with Throyroid S results please

22 Jan 2016 on 1.5grains of Thyroid S.

FT3 5.1 RANGE 3.10 - 6.80pmol/L

FT4 9.2 RANGE 12.00 -22.00pmol/L (Dr wrote "indicates over-replacement, please reduce the dose) ??????? -question marks mine.

TSH <0.020 mU/L RANGE 0.27 - 4.20mU/L

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. I am not feeling well on this dose. I feel that I really need to up my T4, but afraid this will make my T3 too high. Is it possible to take small amount of levothyroxine with Thyroid S. Or perhaps levo with T3 then I might be able to control things better.


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OK, you need to ignore anything they tell you because they DO NOT have experience with NDT or know how it works.

On NDT it is normal to have low or suppressed tsh - your T3 needs to be near the upper end of range; that is the only one to go by.

The establishment just looks at tsh and gets hysterical. Mine is usually in minus figures.

Your T3 is nicely in range - towards the upper quartile, which is exactly what it should be. However, your t4 is low - my results on thyroid S show a similar pattern.

I have a very low tsh, high t3 and low t4: for me, this is ideal.

Now some - usually nhs people with no knowledge or experience of ndt, will tell you that you need to add some synthetic t4 to the mix. I disagree, but that is just my view as someone who has gone from strength to strength since ditching synthetic t4.

Your t4 is being converted to t3, so I don't get why it needs to be in that range.

The problem with synthetic t4 is that many people (inc me) get very unwell from the binders and fillers - if you want to risk that, then fine.

The second problem is that once you go back onto an nhs medication, they want to control you and they will bully you to elevating your TSH.

You say you don't feel well - in what way? If you tell us the symptoms then maybe we can help more.

I felt bad on ndt for about 4 months before i felt great.

You may in fact need to increase your ndt. I am sure others who are smarter than me will offer advice.

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Thank you for replying. What I mean by unwell is that my stress levels are very high and takes days to get over. Increased anxiety and really tired with headaches, brittle nails, with cold hands and feet and greater hair loss. Foggy brain. My tsh has always been way below the range too and Drs I've seen have also freaked out, but I've had to be very resolute that I was never going to increase or lower my meds just so my tsh was in range! The Dr I'm registered with now is totally uninterested in me, even when I was getting meds from the nhs. So I only have you lovely people on the forum to talk to.

I've been on thyroid S for nearly a year and beginning to think it's not for me!!!! I've increased my dose to 1.75 grains now so will see how that goes, but don't know how long I can keep on this road if I'm never going to feel, at least, a modicum of relief.


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