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I heard that you can get T3 in Greece over counter for just 2€. If there will be no other option I will book a fly ticket and go to Athens for 3 days. But I guess if there is no prescription required they are allowed to send it also by postage. Are Greece online pharmacies allowed to send T3 to EU countries by postage? Has anybody successfully convince Greece pharmacy to sent it by postage?

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  • Just sent you a PM :)

  • Greek pharmacies are not allowed to send medications abroad, EU or not. They can be closed for that. You have online supplier from Greece selling Uni Pharma, you can only order it from them or from a few bodybuilding websites.

  • Miriamm is right. Sent you PM where I order it from Greece.

  • Can you pm me as well please

  • No problem, just did.

  • I would be very grateful if you could PM me too please. Ging

  • Hi going is it possible you could send me details of how to buy T3 from Greek website.

    Many thanks

  • Sent.

  • Could I have the link too please ?

  • PM sent.

  • Hi, Is it possible to send me details of where to buy T3 from Greece on line.

    Most grateful.

  • Sent you PM.

  • Hi Rowan

    Just catching up and read your offer to pm details of where to order T3 in Greece. I would be most grateful if you sent me details etc.

    Thanks in anticipation


  • No problem Florie, just sent it.

  • Very grateful thanks you


  • Can you please send me link to supplier from Greece

  • Hi there rowan -1

    Would you please PM your supplier, re T3 :-)

    Many thanks


  • Sent you PM.

  • HI , would you please send me the info for the T3 supplier too, thanks in advance ;)

  • Hi, I sent you link on PM.

  • Please can you send me pm for info too..x

  • Sent.

  • Could you PM me too? Many thanks!

  • Sent you PM.

  • There has been many folk here getting T3 from one place/person.. she's in Cyrprus. Do you get yours from Cyrpus or is there another popular one used on here in Greece proper? Please let me know, many thanks

  • I am getting Uni Pharma from the main and most popular supplier of it - company based in Greece, where Uni Pharma is produced.

  • Can you please send me the link, too?

  • Sent you PM.

  • Rowan-1, could you pm me too? Thank you!

  • Sent you PM.

  • Would you please pm details for ordering from Greece to me also? many thanks.

  • Sent it.

  • Please would you send me the details too? Many thanks.... very grateful!

  • Please could you send me the details of how to order T3 from Greece. Would be so grateful.

  • Can you pm me too please

  • Sent.

  • Can you pm me too please. Thanx

  • Sent.

  • rowan-1 could you pm me about the greek website where you get your t3 from please, also can you pay for it with a credit or debit card, as where i normally get from you can only pay for it in bitcoins

  • Nobody from online pharmacies is accepting credit cards anymore, they can't otherwise I guess they can get in big trouble. Sent you PM, no bitcoins don't worry.

  • Hi i was reading the post. Can you please pm me the supplier details. Many thanks

  • Sent.

  • please can you PM me also.


  • Sent.

  • Please could you pm me too. Thanks

  • Sent it.

  • You could order it then pick it up in person.

  • I would be very happy for a pm about a trustworthy and legit way to get lio without prescription. 😀 My doc sucks and thinks thyroxine is God...

  • Sent you PM

  • could you PM me with the site or the online pharmacy please?

  • Sent with delay.

  • I am currently in Greece for a month and need T3.

    Should I go to a pharmacy or order it online?


  • It will be cheaper if you go to pharmacy. I am not sure how is if you go to plane with that.

  • I'm ordering mine online from Greece, certainly cheaper than going to Greece to buy it :)

  • That is true, but if you are already in Greece it will cost you just about 5€. I am just not sure how is about bringing large qty of t3 to plane. If you order by post and you are from EU it will go straight to your address without going through custom office.

  • Hi! Could you send me a link to a trustworthy place where I can get t3. I am from Latvia, this is the EU country. Thanks

  • Sent you message.

  • Please could I jump on the bandwagon and ask for a pm with the details too? Would be very grateful. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Rowan . Please could you inbox the supplier in Greece please. ( shame you're not on commission)


  • Sent.

  • Could you pm me too - thank you

  • Sent.

  • PM sent.

  • Could I get a pm of how and where to purchase t3 also please?

  • Sent

  • Please could I also have a PM of where to buy T3 from online. Thank you, it's a minefield out there!

  • Sent you PM.

  • Please please please can someone send me the details. Thanks

  • Sent.

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