totally Unacceptable, and disgraceful

and what is more I have emailed this link and sent it to Jeremy hunt asking him what he will do about this disgraceful situation so please don't just read and 'LIKE' it would be good if you would email him too, as nothing ever gets done about these things and this doctor stuck his neck out to help everyone. so please email Jeremy hunt yourself as well , the more he gets the better, it is no good just reading it, it calls for action. don't forget to include your name and address or email wont be accepted, he has replied before when I have emailed him. and check to see if there is a petition for the good doctor.

email is.. thanks.

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  • It's another very sad story. The person who gives his/her 'all' is penalised and it's not good enough and the people who sacked him should now lose their jobs, be demoted without privileges. There must be lots of doctors/people we never hear about who are dismissed - the same as the Stafford Hospital whistleblower. The top level appear to be very safe in their Ivory Towers.

  • The poor man and his lovely wife. Disgraceful is right. Did you notice that he has an autoimmune disease?

  • hi jose, no I skimmed it I was so angry and I HATE injustice with a vengeance, being an activist I had to copy and paste that link and emailed Jeremy hunt asking him what he was going to do about it. itwould be good if he got more email s on this dont forget to put your name and address on email or itwont be read.

    he has replied before so I am waiting....

  • Another instance of a doctor who genuinely looks out for the welfare of his patients being silenced by 'managers' who would be totally incapable of managing a p*ss-up in a brewery and a 'government' that was incapable of looking any further than its leader's ego! And the 'government' that's followed is just more of the same... what Hunt is proposing to do with the staffing of the NHS is criminal and his disgraceful, heavy-handed attitude, currently directed at the junior doctors (the lifeblood of the NHS) is not going to augur well for patient care in the future. But I guess that's what happens when you put bean-counters in charge of anything that is concerned with people's welfare and health! A square peg in a round hole...

    I hope that Dr. Mattu will get some justice, but somehow I feel that this will not be forthcoming, and Britain will end up losing another brilliant medical mind to anywhere but here.

  • zepherbear I have left Jeremy hunts email on my post and it would help if others would also email him your view as he needs to read peoples views on this dreadful treatment I have emailed him but it is better if he has emails in numbers to make a stand.

  • I have sent an email to Jeremy Hunt too.

  • oh well done headinjury, that is excellent what did you say, icopied and pasted that articale and put my name and address and said ...what are you going to do about this- it is disgraceful and unacceptable and I shall I expect a reply. did you remember to put your name and addeess or it wont be read or get thru thanks again.

  • Well I wrote to him but had an automated email saying if I wasn't a constituent of his I had to write to the Dept of Health. So I did that, and as it was one of those dialogue boxes I don't have a record of what I said . . . I sent the link, said I was shocked, and wanted to know how the people who treated Dr Mattu in that way were going to be penalised.

    I think the Dept of Health is obliged to answer. Of course they won't say anything useful, but hopefully a lot of people will send indignant emails and that may have an effect. Yes - please everyone - do write!

  • email is..

    here you are, Jeremy hunts email. he is not in my constituency either but fished around and google hunts email and thi s came up so it sits in my emails addressed now ready for the next blast off. you can use this one headinjury. using this one you will have a copy of what you sent and request a read receipt as well

  • Thanks bluepettals

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