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A new T3 madness?

Hi - I am hypothyroid. Took 10 years and totally debilitating symptoms to get diagnosed. I have proved with a Rt3 test that I am not converting so I am currently on a trial of 75 Levo a day and a 1/2 T3 a day. I am three months into this and feel even worse than I did before I started treatment. However I am more concerned about a new symptom. I am normally very positive but at present I have an overwhelming sense of my own mortality. A sense of my impending demise, so much so that everything I do or think about is through a silent filter of absolute conviction that I am going to die soon and I need to have things in order. I am not depressed, indeed I should be at my most hopeful at the moment - so I cannot make sense of what is happening to me. I know I have read that people with untreated Hypothyroidism can become focused on their own mortality, so wondered could this altered state of mind I am experiencing be related to being on the T3? I am an intelligent (former) professional who is very rational, and so I am struggling with this seemingly irrational feeling. I am not panicking, but it is a highly pervasive feeling I could do without. Do others have a similar experience? Also, have others experienced a downturn in their symptoms when reducing Levo and going onto T3? I would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you.

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You need T3 and adrenal Meds.


Maybe you have to lower your t4 med a bit , see how you feel. Sometimes we have to our own endo to get well. Take care!


Your body is telling you that this medication regime isn't working.


Sounds like anxiety. You may be on too low a dose of T3.


First I'm sorry you are having more symptoms at present and unpleasant ones at that. Try not to worry too much at present as you have just changed to T4/T3.

10mcg of T3 (if in UK) is equal to approx 30mcg of levo. If you were not improving on levo previously, you might be sensitive to levo or not converting it to sufficient T3 to enable you to feel well. T3 is required in every receptor cell in our bodies as it is the active hormone required for us to function. Our brain contains the most receptor cells and our body has billions.

At present your dose of T4/T3 is approx around 100mcg of thyroid hormones and the combined dose might be too low for you.

This is an link and excerpt:-

It was finally realized by the mid-20th Century in 1952 that the hormone triiodothyronine (T3), not the higher concentration thyroxine (T4), was the most active form of thyroid hormone (Hadley 2000).

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Amadeusdante, If you can post thyroid results and ranges (figures in brackets after results) for when you were on T4 only and T4+T3 combination members will advise whether you were/are optimally medicated. It will be helpful if you say how much T4 you were taking and whether 1/2 tablet T3 is 10 or 12.5mcg.


My consultant told me to stop T4 when he prescribed T3 - no problems !


To all who have responded, I am very grateful, thank you. I dont yet have my post T3 blood results, but hope to get them in the next two weeks, so will if I may post them then and ask for opinions again. Thank you all for your supportive comments, and encouragement, and the link. It helps to know one is not either alone...or a complete nut job as it seems many Doctors would prefer us to think! Thanks, and good luck to all on your respective journeys.


Yes, I too can't shake off thoughts of my mortality, when I'm undermedicated, sad thoughts, rather than just curiosity.


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