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Gene for e-Coli found......relative to Immune System & Disorders.


I was just catching up with emails and saw this one from Medline , when I clicked the link it took me to a page with above heading that comes under the page for Immune System and Disorders!


HealthDay news image

THURSDAY, Jan. 28, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Researchers say they've identified immune-related genes that might protect people against E. coli illness.

E. coli is a leading cause of bacteria-triggered diarrhea, and it comes from food, the environment or the intestines of people and animals. But while the bug makes some people extremely ill, it has little to no effect on others, the researchers said.

In this study, researchers exposed 30 healthy adults to E. coli and took blood samples to analyze the volunteers' gene expression -- the extent to which some genes are turned on or off.

When the investigators compared participants who became sick and those who remained well, they found significant differences in the activity of 29 immune-related genes.

"Within each group, there were changes in the patients' gene expression patterns happening throughout the experiment," study senior author Dr. Ephraim Tsalik, an assistant professor of medicine at Duke University in Durham, N.C., said in a university news release.

"We found there were differences with the subjects that seemed to predict who would become sick. We interpreted those as signals that show an innate resistance to infection. There may be certain genetic traits that can increase or decrease your chances of being infected after exposure to a pathogen," he explained.

The study was published recently in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

The next step is to look at other types of infections, including viral and respiratory illnesses such as the flu.


Re the intestines and animals reference, it reminds me that my Pharmacist warned me to keep away from Pork!

Pigs scrabble around in the dirt using their snouts to get their food!

Cows and sheep eat Grass!

Fish live in the sea!

Our intestines also play an important part in our own health, sending the good, the bad and the ugly toxins or necessary nutrients to the liver! It's like a merry go round, especially when the toxins affect our brain cells via the bloodstream that carries them there! That is when brain fog, anxiety and any other potential manner of mental wellbeing/health start causing both physical and emotional stress!

Off topic - following Chinese New Year on the news I decided to see what animal I came under for my year of birth -turns out it is yes! the Pig - then looking at some Chinese Astrological type websites for myself - all the ones I loked at mentioned my poor immune system - and they weren't far out for my character and personality traits either!

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Thanks for posting, SAMBS.

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