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Normal blood tests


I have had ME diagnosed and had symptoms for around 10 years and in the last few years I have had very irregular periods and now it has turned into pretty much 10 days on and 10 days off.

I have had loads of blood tests through my NHS doctor and hormone levels, iron levels, thyroid levels are all normal. But I am very frustrated, the doctor said there is no point in having any other tests as everything is normal.

I just want an answer but I am nervous about getting private blood tests through an online website as it may be a waste of money.

Any advice? I just want answers and not to feel so run down and exhausted all the time.


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Hi Em. If you can get copies of the blood tests that your doctor has done for you (together with the ranges) then there are many folks on here that can help you interpret them and give you a more informed opinion about what's "normal" and what isn't. From there, it'll be easier to advise what tests you can have done privately.

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Just to reassure you - many people here have Private Testing done by on-line companies through the main website of this forum - Thyroid UK.

You are entitled to have copies of your results for your own records - a legal right.

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Hi em

Like you I have ME also have fibromialgia,, I was told by my consultant who diagnosed me that ME and fibro go hand in hand have you been examined for fibro??? This condition along with the ME causes extream fatique in some people,it has with me.the first year of diagnosis I did not believe in ME as my doc said it was known as yuppie flu....I did not believe I had that condition so I tried to carry on as I had done previous,, but to my horror I found my self bedridden I was totally exsausted,shook,and could hardly hold a cup..I've had the conditions since 2006.. I have to watch what I do with my energy..but I soppose you know this having ME...I can tell you I'm not a lover of blood tests on the NHS...the treatment I've received from my GP is you I have had several blood tests for thyroid,adreanals ect all came back normal,,,even blood tests I had two days before being admitted in to hospital came back normal..yet when I was admitted to hospital they took blood straight away,this came back has high white cell count and low red cell count..I asked if this could have just occurred overnite they said no you must have been I'll for at least afew days,,,I had,,seven in total went to my GP told him I was vometin and had server dihorhea.. he just said it was a bug!!!! I have no faith in GPs or the NHS anymore...I'm due to sell my home soon as I can no longer live in it,,I've slept downstairs for over 2 years..when I get my money I will be doing private blood tests,,and trying to see a good specalict in the field of my conditions.. also my endo diagnosis me with thyrositis.. but my GP will not recognized the condition as my thyroid bloods are normal,, I think GP/consultants don't take any notice of symptoms..even when you're bloods come back can we win as patients trying to fight doctors and consultants.. I don't know if I dreamed this but I thought I heard the government were going to get GPs to look on social web sites to see what feed back patients are posting..stick in their and keep you're GP informed of how you are feeling,,that's what I've had to do..eventho my GP has failed me..I am taking it further...a trip to citizen advice for information...I hope you do better than me with you GP..good luck!!!



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