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I had Hyperthyroid symptoms but my blood test said Hypothyroid

Hello I had two years of doctors trips to get me to this point. They finally gave me a diagnois of hypothroid after my TSH level was at 9. I had all the symptoms of hyper but blood said hypo. I have been taking 25mg of levothryoxine for 5 weeks. Initially it made me feel a bit sick (for 2 days) then I felt much better (2 weeks) now I feel the same as I did before and have started to gain wieght (half a stone in 3 weeks)!!! I walk 5 miles a day and go to the gym 3 timesa week and heat healthy. I have always been skinny and never EVER had any problems with weight gain, in fact I have always struggled to GAIN weight. My period is also 6 days late (and no I'm not pregnant I have taken a test). Has anyone else had any of these issues.

Is it possible I'm being under treated? What else could be causing my problems.

Thank you in advance for your help and advice

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What were your Ft4 and fT3 results?

25 is often a such a low dose that it suppresses what little your thyroid was able to make, but doesn't replace it, so actually makes you worse. Most people start on 50. You need good levels of ferritin, folate, B12, selenium and zinc to convert your levo to t3. Exercising too much for your current state of health can also deplete your t3 and make you feel much worse.


Thank you for your response. I have another blood test in 2 weeks hopefully that will say I need more and it will explain my current state. I take your point about the excercise and will lay off a bit till I'm next tested :)


I remember my period being a few days late when I first started on 50mcg thyroxine, and again when I increased to 100mcg. Went back to normal the following month both times.


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