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Any advice on vit D?

I've got an endo appt next week and was gathering my latest test results together. I was told,no action needed on any of the results. I asked for the paperwork for this appointment. So..glancing through them, I notice my vitamin d results say...Severely deficient,may be assosiated with rickets/osteomalacia. It said < 25. (this was june last year btw.)

So my questions are, should the Dr have picked this up? What is a good replacement and how much to take?

The main reason I am seeing a private endocrinologist next week is because of my breathing issues I have had since my thyroid problems started. Could this vit d deficiency affect that?

I know there are some very knowledgeable people out there and you have helped me enormously already. Does anyone know anything on this one?

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Your Doc obviously does not read and learn about the importance of VitD.

You need loading doses - immediately....and then a maintenance dose of 5000 IU's daily - taken with fatty foods as it is fat soluble.


The above link takes you to a letter sent out by the Chief Medical Officer of Health to ALL Health professionals. Your GP should have read it. So being Hypo/Hyper in my book = vulnerable - as explained in the above letter.


The Chart above is another thing your GP should look into. Sorry - but I am so cross that GP's are failing their patients.

Breathing issues can be due to Low D - but also to low Iron - Ferritin - Folate etc.

Wishing you success with the Endo :-)


Yes, your GP should've been on that result like a rocket. That's an f'ing disgrace.

A lack of Vit D can cause no end of problems:-


You probably need to be on tens of thousands of units, possibly hundreds of thousands of units (iu) of D3 to bring you back up to adequate levels.

You need to go back ASAP - you'll need a very specific dose, for a certain period of time and then probably a maintainance dose and it's no use guessing this - you could be out by miles.

A strongly worded letter to your practice manager suggesting adequate training in this area is most definately needed.

Sorry you've been on the receiving end of a truly shoddy quack :0(

H xxx


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