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Can you have hypothyroidism and have negative antibodies? I just writing a short letter to the GP that is visiting me on Thursday along with the private results that the other GP (horrible one lol) hasn't put onto the GP system. He said I could not have hypothyroidism as my antibodies were normal. My TSH is high. So my question is, is he right? I don't want to look a fool challenging this with the nice GP that's coming to see me on Thursday.

Thank you.

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Yes. GP is talking rubbish. Having antibodies just means that you have autoimmune thyroid disease (hashimotos). There are other reasons for having an underperforming thyroid. You could ahve high TSH because you aren't converting T4 to T3 (perhaps DIO2 gene problem). You could have physical damage to the thyroid, or functional damage caused by disease (even in childhood). There's a massive list of causes here: thyroidmanager.org/chapter/...

Brilliant, thank you.

I thought he was talking crap to be honest. I have just written a short letter to my nice GP along with my BH results so that he could read it before his visit Thursday. I have mentioned I have spoken to Thyroid UK and that what the previous GP said about me not being hypothyroid unless i have antibodies is not correct. Haha!

I suppose it makes a change to being told that we don't have hypothyroidism even though we do have antibodies! I know lots of us here have heard that! :D

Good luck with the letter :)

This man says there are 24 reasons for low thyroid. This is #1 and you can view the rest on you tube if interested.

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