T4 without the gluten,wheat, lactose or other grain bulking agent

I am in the UK and current on Levothyroxine 100mg actavis since 2010, but notice that despite being on a strict diet that contains no gluten,wheat, grains or lactose (all of which I am really sensitive to, on the advice of gastroent. and dietitian) since 2009 my thyroxine contains lactose. This has been a huge issue for me as I am far from well and my gut is really troubled. I have been wondering why all this work on my diet has not had the effects that it should! And all the time I have been having lactose daily. So my question is how do I obtain a lactose and truly gluten-free version of the T4 on the NHS? I have real tested sensitivities to these items so this is not some lightly held belief. Will the NHS cover this as I am struggling to cope financially as it is; I have not worked since I became seriously ill in 2008. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Look at this page from ThyroidUK website


    click on the purple bars to expand them.

    It looks as if all UK tablet levo contain lactose, but the liquids don't.

    Further down there's a couple of European Lactose Free listed.

    Can you get a prescription for any of these, maybe on 'named patient' basis?


    The ThyroidUK website is really useful, so have a good look round it.

    Hope you can get something helpful.

  • Thanks for that. Will get a letter to my Gp but I don't imagine that this will be a swift process.

  • Tried the letter and reason route but no joy - they wouldn't even put me forward for the named patient route ans the 'lactose content is very low and therefore not going to cause problems'. Hmmmmm!

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