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I have run a Thyroid UK support group in the Midlands for a few years now. We meet around every six weeks and everyone goes home having learnt something and everyone feels heard. New friendships are made.

If you would like to start a support group perhaps you could start by making a post stating the area. Then you can go from there. Never give email addresses or personal information on the posts though.

If you would like any help in setting up a group then please message me or contact Lyn or Louise at Thyroid UK.


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I would love to be part of one in the Blackpool area.

Yes I'm Blackpool too. It would be good to meet people who 'get' what's going on

Maybe we could sort a Blackpool meet up or exchange phone numbers?

Write a fresh post about a meet up in Blackpool. so that everyone else can see it.


Hi Suze, what part of the Midlands do you cover please?

Hi there,

The meetings are held either in the Solihull or Warwick areas. The next meeting is on 12th March in Warwick area. I have put a post up recently. You are very welcome to come along, message me your email address for details.


Thank you, but a little to far from me as I'm in Nottinghamshire x

I did post up to see if there was any interest in a Hampshire one and there is. My health is unfortunately deteriorating so it's on hold but am optimistic that I will be able to organise one in the not too distant future.

Have found these to be really useful especially with the sharing of knowledge. It can be a lonely place with this condition and getting out can be a real struggle but talking with others is so therapeutic.

Hi im in West Sussex so if anyone is setting up I would be interested x

Start a new post then people will see West Sussex as they go through posts

Suze, where do you run your group??

Hi there, Solihull or Warwick areas. Message me your email address and I will send you the details.


i am a member of suze group :) i was feeling too ill to drive and was given a lift, i have got friendship, support and information. I have a resolution complaint meeting against my endo and been given support advice and a member will be accompanying me. It really is a great idea to set up groups in areas, online support is great but meeting up is so much better. Knowing there are people near by in case of emergency is worth its weight in gold.

I am not a great joiner inner lol but these ladies have listened and understood, i am glad i have them in my corner xxx

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