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Tsh higher t4 staying the same ?

Hi everyone . I need your invaluable help again .

I had my tsh and t4 tested at my GP 's surgery last week. I did request t3 but as we all know it's only done if other results are off. ( test was done on request of my psychiatrist , but is no good as t3 not done!)

My question is if my tsh has risen to 2.9 and my t4 has stayed the same lower end of normal , does this indicate anything ?

My t3 was low end of normal the last time i had it tested privately. I will have to get it done that way again .

I'm so confused and undecided about medicating with t3 or t4 or what or not lol

Thank you all in advance

Allison xx

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If you only had TSH and Free T4 measured there are so many factors which could change one but not the other.

1) The time of day the blood was drawn.

2) How recently before the blood draw you took thyroid meds.

3) How recently you ate or drank.

4) Your Free T3 level may have changed.

5) If you have been taking non-thyroid meds which affect your thyroid.

6) If you've been under prolonged stress or have managed to reduce stress, your cortisol and/or adrenaline levels may have changed. Cortisol and adrenaline have knock-on effects on your thyroid production, conversion and use by the body.

7) Supplements - starting or stopping any - could have an effect.

8) Your reverse T3 levels may have changed.

9) You may have had a virus, just recovering from one, or may just be developing one.

10) You may have higher or lower levels of antibodies.

11) Whereabouts in your menstrual cycle you are.

I've no doubt there are other things which could change your levels. But all the NHS cares about is your TSH, and occasionally your Free T4. The other factors rarely cross a doctor's mind.


Hi humanbean,

Thank you for replying .

I don't take any medication as I was diagnosed with cfs, but knowing my own body I know it's something different.

I had the bloods done at 9am and I didn't eat before .

Yes as you say it's difficult to know when t3 isn't tested . I will have to get them all done privately again .

Was hoping the tsh , t4 combo of result would maybe indicate something .



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