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I need help apparently I have adrenal fatigue

So I ordered the saliva cortisol test and took it and got my results back today. My morning was high,noon high,evening low and night high.what do I do to treat it? What causes high cortisol and I'm not quite understanding how its high when I'm exhausted all day I have no energy I feel lifeless and bad headaches all day sometimes anxiety and worry and sadness someone please help me

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hi lindsey.. although i can't help you it might help to know there is someone with the same symptoms as yourself.

I am beside myself with worry and refuse to see a GP as they always make me feel like a hypochondriac. My latest fear is that all this overwhelming tiredness may be symptoms of cancer or heart disease as every time I google that seems to be the most likely answer.. i'm on 50mcg sometimes and 75mcg other times and neither seems to be helping. The last 2 GPs said i have GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) and they always want me to go on antidepressants but I refuse on the grounds that I'm sure the thyroxine is poisoning me enough already. I lie awake all night and sleep most of the day.

If you ever find a solution please let us all know.

I think big Pharma is trying to kill us!!!!


There are a number of different ways that adrenal fatigue can be approached, some glandular preparations and some herbal, but it is a case of trying things to see what suits you. Someone posted on here a few days ago a link to Dr Lam, in the US. Apparently they give free advice. It might be worth googling Dr Lam adrenals to see if the info on his site helps

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I too have suffered with adrenal fatigue for about five years now. Initially I was so Ill I couldn't function to even look after my children. Now I'm much improved and live a relatively normal life, albeit a little slower pace. I have been under the care of a practitioner in London ( only actually met him once, all other correspondence has been over phone or internet) he changed my life style and added lots of supplements. The aim is to give your adrenals no stress so they can heal themselves. Which is difficult in this day and age. Some of the basic things I do are sleep 8/9 hours, eat some protein every 3/4 hours to help with insulin, take vit c, vit D, magnesium citrate, a good multivitamin, take digestive enzymes and acids, avoid stressful situations, learn to breath and meditate, I also avoid/ limit alcohol and sweet foods. These are some of the things I have done that have really helped me. It isn't an instant fix and I took steps back, but I'm so much better for all of this. Hope this helps.


I don't know much about it, but if you had adrenal fatigue wouldn't your cortisol be low?

Who diagnosed you with adrenal fatigue, and was it based on these cortisol tests?


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