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foggy brain

Just wondering if anyone has had these symptoms - Usually, when i get IBS symptoms, i get concurrent drowsiness/fuzzy head/sleepiness, even though i have had a full nights sleep. This has been going on over 10 years. Going gluten free helped considerable but it still happens. I'm wondering if this is related to thyroid issues or could it be something else (ie chronic fatigue).

Recently, in the last year, if i do any exercise even its its just a half hour walk/15min weights or a 20 minute cycle ride, i feel fuggy brained/drowzy/sleepy the next day - this time its lasted for 3 days.

In the last few months my short term memory has drastically deteriorated and i have noticed i keep getting letters mixed up when i am typing (this has always happened before but very infrequently, now it happens every few words).

Ive had to quit my job because my ability handle even 'normal' stress has diminished.

I am male and 45years old.

If anyone can shed any light I would be very grateful.

Thanks Ash

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Ash, those symptoms look very familiar, have you been tested for thyroid issues?

I'd definitely be asking my GP for tests, then post any results here for clarification.




Thanks Colin, I am on 100mcg Levothyroxine already. I have requested a T3 test from the GP who has agreed. Before i used to get fuggy brain only when i had gluten, but the last few weeks i am getting after even a small amount of physical exertion. I will post the T3 and T4 results when i get them back in a couple of weeks. Thanks


Hello Colin, i have just posted the results on a new post, as im not sure if i posted it on here it would reach others!



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