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Good morning

Just a quick question - I was diagnosed as Hashimotos and under active thyroid when I was 13. That was 20 years ago and I haven't seen an Endo (other than in pregnancy) since. Is that normal? It wasn't being managed very well by t4 alone so have taken things into my own hands but the GP just seems happy to muddle on.

Is that just how the NHS gps work?

Many thanks

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It is assumed that it's easy to treat thyroid hormone dysfunctions and the GPs can do so quite easily. Just make sure the TSH is in range with levothyroxine and the patient should have no further problems.

We are usually only referred to an Endocrinologist if we have other more serious problems. Even those don't always know how best to treat the patient. If our TSH is in range, they imagine, the patient has sufficient levo and anything else is a 'somatization disorder'.


You can always obtain copies of all your blood tests with ranges and post here for people to comment. You will find lots of knowledgeable people to help you. It is very difficult to find Docs and Consultants with the relevant knowledge. They are also hampered by having to follow guidelines by the very bodies that are supposed to be taking care of the Nations health.


I'm sure the GP is just very happy to have a patient who doesn't clog up his surgery waiting room. GPs are under so much pressure these days. He did something right though - referring you to an endo when you were pregnant. Some GPs don't and their patients are much more likely to miscarry if their dose is not increased.


Thanks everyone I've had some real problems over the past year and unthought they may have referred me but if it seems the norm I won't worry about it 🙂


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