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This subject has been raised recently and I have asked HU for clarification. Please see their response below:

All posts appear on search engines, regardless of whether or not they are Community Only. However, as mentioned in this article (http://support.healthunlocked.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1598083-how-do-i-create-a-post ) posts that are Community Only have only the title and first line visible to people who are not logged in members of that community.

When accessing that post from Google, you should find that you can only see the title and first line of the post (unless you are logged in, in which case you will see everything).

Please note - if you are unhappy with this information, your concerns and/or complaints should be directed at support@healthunlocked.com and NOT Thyroid UK and/or the Admin Team - thank you.

Our suggestion would be to make sure that your username does not identify you and that your title and first line of any post are similarly anonymous.


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  • Thanks for posting that info Louise - extremely informative. I guess we all or most of us thought thT Community Posts were only emailed to members of the specific community. I had always thought before that 'everyone' meant meant members of the Communities only listed onHealth Unlocked - not the World Wide Web, Google, Facebook, Twitter et al!

    I certainly will be making my thoughts known to Health Unlocked, especially as some posts don't always appear to be genuine - where concerns and suggestions are made by genuine members to help others, plus also being specifically targeted sometimes by one person when you don't see their name coming up responding to others or making their own post. Ok I don't red very single specific post, but HU and some communities have certainly changed in their content!

  • For those members who have used their own names, it is possible to change your username a total of two more times after joining.

    Click on your user name at the top of page, click on account and scroll to the bottom of the page. Don't forget to save changes.

  • Hi flower, I like that idea, problem is I've used HU for so long now think it may confuse matters for regular genuine members! If we change for one Community does it change on them on all?

    It would seem logical it does, because we have joined HU, and then can go to various different communities as members of HU. Sorry I'm being a pain again asking questions like that - I've had a few days feeling really grotty :-((

  • Ohh SAMBS.

    You are never a pain.!

    Yes your user name is the same across all communities.

    I hope you feel better soon. Many struggle through the cold dark months but the nights are already becoming a little shorter and I love it when spring arrives.


  • Me too flower, thanks for compliment - if I wasn't me reading my posts, but someone else I'd definitely think I'm a pain!

    Does that make sense :-) if I had a bunch of Spring flowers I'd send you those instead of a colon and half a bracket.....and I hope you are feeling a bit better now xx

  • Still tremoring & feeling shite but I love a colon and half a bracket .

    Thank you SAMBS - LOL.

  • Thanks for clarifying, Louise.

  • That was very misleading when first starting HU, giving the impression that 'everyone' went onto google and 'community' stayed within the community.

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