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Graves - are blood levels recommended to reduce/eliminate symptoms the same for both Graves and Hashimoto? with and without thyroid?

In reading a lot of posts, the headings do not state if the poster has been diagnosed with Graves or Hashimoto. Do they still have their thyroid? This may make a difference to the reader.

I am a Graves patient with the thyoid removed.

Are levels to reduce/eliminate symptoms the same for both autoimmune diseases?

It is recommended to have the TSH level around .01 to feel better. When looking back on test results these are the following and I was feeling fine. ( have posted only TSH levels). You can see how my TSH went up/down from 1996-2015

.83/1996; .01/2002;.82/2004; <.01/2005; .01/2006;

1.82/2007; .02/2008; <.01/2008 later yr.

Then had thyroid removed in 2008 due to hands and legs shaking along with rapid speech. Interesting I was feeling fine with Graves with low TSH and did not have the shakiness; always spoke fast which was regional.

drug/dosage on at time of blood tests /blood tests done early morning before taking meds

synthroid .12mg

18.61/2009; 35.23/2010; 6.31/2011;

synthroid - .15mg (switched)

6.31/2011; .17/later 2011; .58/2012;

synthroid - .175 (switched)

.54/2013; .02/2013; .07/2014/.32/2014;.04/2014

NatureThroid 81.25mg

.897/2014; 8.34/2014;

NatureThroid - 97.5


NatureThyroid - 13.5


NatureThroid - 97.5


27.54/Oct 2015

Tirosent - 10mg (switched)

Tirosent - .100 mcg

4.86/Dec 2015;

Currently on Tirosent 10mcg/6days & 20mcg/1 day (blood test coming up end of February

also on Vitamin D

One issue I have with meds is I am allergic to red dye; i.e. pills that are yellows, beige or brown in coloring have red dye used to make these colors. So symptoms arise from the dye in the pill.

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Hi, These are previous posts re Graves:-

Not everyone with Graves has their thyroid gland removed but one of our Admins, Clutter, has done so.

This is her profile and you can read her history.

Hashimotos - Autoimmune Thyroid Disease dysfunction don't always have their thyroid gland removed but a Gluten Free Diet appears to help lower their antibodies but they will eventually become hypothyroid.

I am hypothyroid so don't know too much about hyper conditions. When you say your TSH levels were up/down was that because the doctor kept adjusting your doses in order to keep your TSH within a 'range'?

I note at present your are taking Tirosent (levothyroxine) at a dose of 80mcg per week, which seems so extremely small and I hope others more au fait with your condition will respond. I do know, however, that Clutter improved very much when T3 was added to levothyroxine.

The only two hormone replacements that I know of that are hypo-allergenic are Nature-Throid and Wpure both my RLC labs (Wpure used to be called West-throid).

As it is very late evening you may get more responses tomorrow.



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