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Blood results

Can anyone help me to understand my blood results. Haemoglobin (Xa96v) 12.3g/dL (11.5-16.5). Platelet count - observation(42p) 358 10>9/L (150-400). red blood cell count (426 )4.36 10.12/L (42-5.4). Haematocrit (X76tb).0.386 (0.36-0.47). Mean cell volume (42a) 89fl (79- 101). mean cell haemoglobin level (XE2pb) 28.2pg (27-32). Total white blood count (XaldY) 8.4 10.9/L 94.11), Neutrophil count (42J )4.5 10>9/L (2-8). Lymphocyte count (42M) 2.7 10>9/L (1-4.5). Monocyte count - observation (42N) 0.8 19>9/L (0.2-1.2). Eosinophil - observation (42k 0.2 10>9/L (0.1- 0.6 ) Basophil count (42L) 0.10>9/L (0- 0-2). I am looking for b12, potassium & thyroid results. First time I have got a readout so I know nothing about reaing & understanding the results. Thanks for helping.

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Yorkie, those results are your full blood count results. They're all within normal range. This link explains why it is ordered and what the individual tests and results mean

You need to ask your GP receptionist for the potasssium, B12 and thyroid results.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Many thanks Clutter. I had a little trouble getting this printout but will go back tomorrow for the results.


In my view your haemoglobin is a bit low. Male ref ranges start at 13, and there is no good reason why the female range is lower. Except that they measured a lot of women who hadn't enough iron when they established the range. Not that you gp will agree with me... Do you feel weak, tired, pale, etc?

It would be interesting to see a figure for ferritin.


Hi Aspmama.. thanks for your reply. I am always tired. some days its hard to get out of bed. Been like this for about 2-3 years. Don't know about ferritin. Will be seeing Doc in 3 weeks to discuss results.


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