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NDT dose


I started taking NDT a few months ago and have felt a lot better - my heavy cold overcoat has been removed, and the heartburn is a thing of the past. My last blood test results about a month ago were TSH 0.44 and T3 - 4.6. (No T4) I have a feeling I could go up a notch from 2.75 grains to 3 grains but would like to know what to look out for if I am slightly overdosed. Is it just anxiety and heart palps?


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Serenfach, When I tried to up my dose from 3 grains to 3.25 I woke up during that night and felt like I was buzzing and could not get back to sleep. Guess I'm at my max.

A good guide for knowing when to increase is to keep a log and jot down your dosage each day and take your body temp and your heart rate and jot that down. 3 pm is an ideal time to take temps but that can be hard to do if you are at work. So pick a time (sit down and relax for a few minutes before taking temps/heart rate) that is convenient and take it all at the same time each day. Also write down your dosage and how you are feeling. If body temp/heart rate are on the low side, you probably need to increase by 1/4 grain... track reaction ... and be ready to increase again in two weeks or so. Finding our 'sweet spot' (ideal dosage) can be a challenge sometimes.

Yes.. if too high, heart rate will increase and body temp may increase. You may feel flushy and have heart palps. As the other commenter mentioned, you can feel 'wired' or buzzed if at too high a dosage.

Thanks for your replies. It has been a long hard road, feeling rubbish on just Thyroxine, a lot better when I added T3, but a huge change when I took the scary jump to NDT, but I now feel I have reached a better place!

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