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Do they test for B12 when you have a thyroid function test?

I recently had 6 loading injections of B12, my next injection is due in 3 months.

In a few weeks’ time, I’m due to have a thyroid function test. I’m a bit nervous about having the thyroid test, as I’m not sure if they also test you for B12 at the same time? Obviously I’m expecting my B12 levels to be nice and high, due to all the recent injections, and I’m scared that if any doctor (other than my usual GP, who arranged the B12 injections) sees the results, they may think “blimey, this patient has very high B12, let’s take her off injections”.

I may ring the surgery, speak to my usual GP, just to see if (a) B12 gets tested during a thyroid function test; and (b) if I can arrange for the results to go straight back to her, as she knows the history. But I just wondered if anyone here could help, to save me ringing the surgery?

I’m feeling fine at the moment, so I suspect my thyroid levels are OK, in which case I may decide not to have a blood test and avoid potentially rocking the boat ……

I’m posting this in both the Thyroid and the B12 areas of Health Unlocked, I hope that’s OK.

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No the B12 test is not included the Thyroid Testing....


Phew - thanks Marz!


...anyway your GP should not go by JUST the blood test - he needs to consider symptoms as well. Especially if things are not going well for you before the next B12 injection. Has he not seen the Guidelines..... You may need them more often than every 12 weeks. Where did that figure come from - it used to be monthly - then two monthly and now 3 monthly. All about saving money and creating even more symptoms that Big Pharma can throw pills and potions at :-(

Hope all goes well.....

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I'm hopeful (fingers crossed) that if I find I need injections more often, that my GP would be sympathetic - when she arranged for me to start the loading dose, she did mention that some people need them more often than every three months, and so did the nurse who administered the injections.

But as everything's gone well so far, I was terrified of having a thyroid blood test that may have given anyone cause to stop my injections (but I take your point that symptoms should be considered too). But as the thyroid test doesn't include B12, I shall stop panicking and find something else to worry about.

I'm so glad I discovered this site!


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