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Recent Test Results

I got my results today from TFT's done last week. I took my Levo after the bloods were taken. My results are below ..

TSH <0.01 (range is 0.3 - 4.2)

FT4 25.5 (range is 12.0 - 22.0)

FT3 6.5 (range is 3.1 - 6.8)

I had B12 & Vit D3 & Ferritin done 9 months ago with FBC & mostly reasonable results.

I've been asked to contact the practice nurse (as 2 of these results are out of range). Usually I see my GP not sure how the nurse can help.

My query is about my T3 .. is it unusual for it to be in range whilst the T4 is over?

As T3 is converted from T4 I would think that is the result to be guided by. Does that make sense or have I missed something? Anyway, I don't believe I have any hyper symptoms. I am frustrated that they think anyone would want to live with those and their answer to my results is to lower my dose of Levo I imagine (based on 22yrs of experience).

I am interested in trying T3 as many people find it makes such a diffference.

Can anyone PM me reliable sources of T3 please so that I can take a look?

Many thanks :)

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How are you feeling? If you feel well, then my inclination is not to rock the boat. You have a T3 level which near the top of the range, so you seem to be converting OK. True, the t4 is a little bit over range but the T4:T3 ratio looks quite good, it is almost exactly 4:1.

However, if despite these results you are feeling ill in any way, if you have hypo symptoms, then by all means consider replacing some of the Levo with T3. I suspect that it would be difficult to get it prescribed on the NHS with those results, so you would have to do it by buying your own, which is not that easy at present.

Are there any particular symptoms which are troubling you?


I feel better than I have for many years but still get frequent migraines (2 - 3 a week) which only respond to triptan meds, they are less painful than they used to be though. Over the years I have been diagnosed with CFS & recently with Fibro which I have been learning to use accupressure for with good results on my knees. I must always pace myself & Dec is the worst month of the year for energy & busyness but I feel recovered from that now. I work for 20 hrs a week & manage that well now but know I couldn't work anymore hours. I had appalling Adrenal test results some yrs ago & took HC for nearly 3 yrs or I would have had to stop work & have now lost some of the weight I gained then. If I reduce my dose I immediately start to gain weight, not a coincidence! My med practice & the previous one always test TSH & FT3 & 4 & I always get a print out. Poor sleep has been a 10 yr struggle. Menopause combined with moving across country & re-starting work probably started that. For 3 weeks now I have been using a sleep programme to try & re-set my habits & I am now falling asleep straight away after listening to a 30 min CD to encourage Theta & Delta (I think) brainwaves, I am encouraged but it's early days.

I am taking zinc, selenium, vit c, magnesium (at bedtime) vit d3 in morning & some b's & feverfew for migraine.

Many thanks for help & support :)


Your results are very similar to mine but still feeling foggy and memory poor. Found endocrinologist who is willing to switch me to Armour as GP just doesn't know enough. If you are feeling good I would fight hard not to let them reduce your dose . The FT3 figure is what counts most and the reduced TSH is exactly what you would expect.


Thank you for your reply. I have just re-posted but forgot to say that since going gluten free nearly 4 yrs ago I am so so much better regarding brain fog. That is the biggest difference for me but also each year since then I have felt better & better. If I do eat any gluten these days it causes me some nasty digestive problems! Also I am lactose intolerant & need to be careful to avoid that apart from very small amounts which my GP understands & says happens to many with hypo ..


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