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Taking levothyroxin morning or night


To all the kind people who answered my question many many thanks

The general consensus seems to favour taking levo before bed or during the night if you need.a vvisit to the loo.

This makes sense to me as there is no need to wait an hour before coffee and breakfast

I am lucky in that I do not have other meds to think about so will triial the night option.

Will let you all know if I notice any effects, good or bad

Once again so grateful for advice and support


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Hi ezra567

Did anyone comment if they take NDT at night? I wonder if it's similar?



I've just started taking mine in the night when I get up to visit the loo. Trouble is, I don't always wake at the same time, and sometimes I'm so sleepy I don't remember to take it. I'm now putting the pills right next to my torch, in the hope I'll remember.

Rose54 in reply to MariLiz


I do the same pop it into pill container when going to bed

On odd time I forget just take it in morning doesn't appear to do ant harm


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