Hatty & Ben are Gunna Jump!

Hatty & Ben are Gunna Jump!

Hi All

Despite my best attempts to talk her out of it (it is 2 weeks before her wedding for goodness sake!) the lovely Hatty is going to jump out of a plane to raise funds for Thyroid UK! And now she is making her lovely fiancé Ben do it too!!

Please sponsor them! :D


Hatty says:

We will be jumping out of a plane, with a cheery instructor attached to our backs, hit speeds of 120mph before the parachute is pulled and drift down to the ground with, hopefully, massive grins on our faces.’


If anyone else is mad enough to join them - details can be found here:


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  • Oh BRAVE Hatty. Will definitely sponsor. My stomach turns over at the thought of being at the open door of an airplane.

  • Will definitely sponsor her - sends shivers down my spine even thinking of doing something like that.

    Thank you for doing it on our behalf Hatty - i you enjoy it although I can't imagine how anyone could, you deserve a medal anyway 🏅

  • hey lou good on her that has always been my dream, I nearly got there about 1999 ish but my friend pulled out and it was cancelled . x

  • Wouldn't catch me doing it! LOL!


  • I would LOVE to do it strapped to a gorgeous hunky para!

  • Well.. now you put it like that...! ;) x

  • well who wouldn't eh? might fix the hormones..

  • Off subject pettals , have you seen the latest pics of David Gandy advertising M & S undies .

    He does it for me and I won't see 70 again . 😱


  • no where is he???

  • Google M & S mens undies lol .

    He is on our timeline on Facebook


  • whoa--- are we really googling mens undies now lol??? cant you copy and paste a pic here- I am sure grey goose would like a gander- ha pardon the pun.. lol

  • Haha pettals did you like him ?

    I'm afraid cut and paste is out of my capability , even though Helvella gave me instructions a while ago 😕

    If I had her e-mail I could do it .

    Maybe she could Google him. Do you think she is into chunky men ? Lol


  • Hunky I meant .


  • I haven't seen him I don't do facebook and grey likes dr who......I have converted her to elvis tho xxx

  • What a shame pettals , it's taken goosey a long time to like Elvis he's only been dead forever lol

    I hate Dr Who so no point in sending David Gandy then 😊

    Have a good weekend .

    X Pp

  • I have very eclactic taste. :)

  • pinkpeony an dgoosey if you are reading this- I saw ben Portsmouth perform Friday night the best 2nd elvis you will ever get- google ben Portsmouth suspicious minds- it willblow your mind!

  • hmmm I checked him out but there are some that are delish ,other pics are too thin in the face,and I couldn't copy or paste but some of those M/s pics are just not suitable to paste here- heck!... and he is only 35 and LIVES in the next town to me..

  • I think we better end this thread pettals in case we get ex-communicated .😱


  • yes ok pink p... xxxx

  • Hunky, chunky, I Don't care! lol

  • lol just did!

  • LMAO! You gals! :D

    My FB pals are mad about Mr Gandy, but he really doesn't do it for me.



  • Well, thank goodness we're all different! Imagine the queue, otherwise! ;)

  • LMAO!


  • Oh wow! He does it for me, too! And I'll be 71 soon. lol Those smolering eyes!!!

  • Wow gg we are on the same wavelength .

    Life in these old dogs yet 😀

    Have good day !


  • You bet there is! lol

  • who is this guy iwant to look at him I will google him tell me tellme tellme

  • Make that 'smoldering'...

  • Done! good luck!

  • Thanks Beverley


  • Sponsored - despite hating to put all that info on internet! Why can't they use PayPal?!

    Don't worry about brave Hatty Louise, she'll be fine. Just wish I'd had the option of a hunky man strapped to my back when I did it many years ago. (Although come to think of it, not sure I'd have coped with the 120 mph free fall!) I was only just over the minimum weight limit and drifting around a bit with my ever hopeless sense of direction, worrying I might land on the back of a lorry and not be noticed before Scotland!! Finally had to be rescued from a cabbage field a long way from the big cross on the airfield. Unfortunately did more damage to my foot than the cabbage! And my cousin landed on the plane door - fancy leaving it lying around on the ground! Fortunately did more damage to the door than my cousin. Hatty won't have any of these problems!! Enjoy the ride!

  • Louise

    I wanted to donate but not keen on all personal details required.

    Is it possible to send a cheque ?


  • YES! :D

    Thank you! :)


  • Cheque received! Thanks hon! :D


  • Hatty & Ben are halfway to their fundraising target! Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored them so far!

    If anyone would like to sponsor them you can do so here:





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